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Devilish Behavior And The Las Vegas Shooting – A Hypothesis

There has been a lot of people looking for a motive for the shooter in the Las Vegas shooting.  They haven’t found any accomplices and the shooter was a known moderately (by Vegas standards) successful gambler and he had openly lived that life before the shooting.  He had gone on 12 or 13 cruises in the last year.  He had several homes. It apparently took a lot of planning, the acquiring of specific knowledge, and the scoping out of other possible locations and events where he could have carried the same type of atrocity.  He knew how to aim his semi-automatic weapons standing upon special platforms and he had made calculations to be sure he would aim the rifles in such a way as to enable him to kill or wound the most people.

Now you might not believe in the devil and/or in demon possession as described in the Bible but it seems to fit here.  Could a bargain have been made with the devil which allowed him to live the successful life he did even though he started his life with a very low-level job?  Also, his girlfriend said that he would struggle and thrash in bed (was he fighting with a demon or dealing with demon possession?).  It also accounts for the extensive planning that he did, the knowledge that he acquired, and possibly the targets.  Surely the devil would like to have him choose a target which would include a lot of lovers of country music which are often Christians?  Maybe he didn’t need an accomplice if he already was involved in a pact with the devil or had opened himself to demon possession.  As I present this hypothesis, I am calling upon the name of Jesus to rebuke the devil and his accomplices and to protect me from the devil.

The possibility of mental illness has been proposed, but it usually is not possible for a mentally ill person to be so successful in doing something that involved so much knowledge and preparation.  Was he a narcissistic sociopath? a paranoid schizophrenic?  Often mental illness leads to confusion and unrealistic ideas of special powers and also unrealistic ideas of how to carry out distorted ideas.  Yes, they can desire to kill people.  Maybe he had it in for Christians; but if he did, he told no one about it.  There has so far been any evidence of any delusions.  He was not the type of guy who stood out in any crowd and he was known as a frequent successful gambler but he did not cause any problems.   He was not known to associate with anybody but his girlfriend and, if not her,  prostitutes.


How Men And Women Differ On The Subject Of Sexual Harrassment

Men do what women consider to be gross things and some men go so far as to think that women are asking for it.  Ugh (my comment as a woman).  Ick!  Men like to think that women think like them.  It makes it easier for them to sexually harass women because  then they can think that women are asking for it.  This makes it easier for them to do things to or in front of women that are actually disgusting to most women.

I have been shown Play Boy center foldouts and asked to be present when a psychiatrist does a physical exam on male patients so I could do the mental exam.  I was not a nurse or physician.  I have been invited back to see a therapist that I had seen so I could let him know how I was doing.  I opened the door and he had set up his office so that I could join him on the floor and make out.  Where had I gone wrong or where had they gone wrong.  I was shocked and didn’t know what to say.  I am telling you this because I shouldn’t have felt ashamed and kept this quiet for many years.  Where did these men come off by doing this?  P.S. I was also groped on the Grey Hound bus by the guy seated next to me when I was trapped by him in the window seat.

Men can spend hours talking about women who they think have led men astray.  Maybe it was the other way around.  Women’s reputations have been tarnished this way.  Men’s reputations are not tarnished this way, they are seemingly enhanced.  If women fooled around as much as men think they do, they wouldn’t have time for anything else.  Most women usually have so much to do involving working, taking care of the home, and caring for children, when would they have time?  When could they sneak away to do this?

I think most of this goes on often only in men’s minds and they think that women must think like they do.  If this is so, then they think they are justified in acting on it.  If a man is running around on a woman, then he often thinks that she must want to do the same.  This then justifies their wanting to do it more.

This does not forgive women who use their sexuality to entrap men and use them.  This has led to men (especially in conservative circles) not wanting to be alone with women unless their husband is around or they are with a group.  What do you think?  I think most women will say that they would “like” to be with a certain movie star or music star, but often that is far as it goes.

Often women have trouble accepting their sexual attractiveness and they sometimes “dress down” and use little or no makeup because of this.  This can spoil whatever appropriate sexual relations that they have with a man with the women not feeling sexually attractive or even sexually attracted to their partners.  Women’s sexuality is often fragile and easily tainted this way.  While many men have rehearsed the sexual act both in their minds and in actual self-stimulation.  Having sexual thoughts seems to be more acceptable for men.

There is a form of child sexual abuse where a mother may flaunt her sexuality in front of her young son both by having open sexual relations with a man in front of him and by displaying her body to him by having little or no clothes on.  This can lead to fondling of the child by tempting the boy to touch her and cuddle with her?!

Education is important.  We need to know what is appropriate and not appropriate in the sexual realm.  No education does not keep children and some grownups safe and sound.  Ignorance is not bliss in many cases.  When it is found inappropriate, the victims should know that they should speak up and to whom they can do it.  When I was harassed above, I initially had no idea of what to do, I felt shamed, and I kept the secret to myself for a long time.

Notice there are no pictures illustrating this post.   I do not want to promote anything by having what might be considered sexually explicit pictures.


Quit Dumping On Other People And Letting Them Clean It Up

In Hawaii, there are fines for littering.  People you wouldn’t think of as doing this, dump on others all the time.  Some rich people never pay someone that provides them with services, they just find someone else.  Because they are rich, people take them on as a customer, thinking there will be no problem getting paid.  I call this ripping them off.  Who will bother going to small claims court?

We have had very few dogs and cats on the farm that we got from a breeder.  Farmers probably have more rescue animals than anyone else and they may even get them neutered.  Dumping an animal in a place way out in the country is thinking that someone else will find the animal and take pity on it or it will get killed or die of starvation.

Don’t be a “rich” childless aunt or uncle; because poorer relatives will “borrow” from you and never pay it back.  Thinking that it won’t hurt you or that you will forget how much they owe you.  They think that you have plenty of money anyway.

Finally how about dumping kids on somebody else?  Many people have kids but don’t want the responsibility of raising them.  They sluff them off on somebody else (or the foster care system) and only show up when necessary to assert their property rights.  Kids are not property for those want to claim ownership and the ordinary court system is not the place to determine custody of them.

Are You Pineing For A Punk?

What First Attracts!

Are you pining for a punk?  You might be if your story is part of the content of a scandal sheet.  Being recently confined for illness, my friend gave me a buch of scandal sheets. Whether I knew them or not, I found a common theme, recent breakups and connections between famous people.  They have everything, shouldn’t their relationships work out?

How they treat each other is outrageous!  When under the influence of first Love, it appears that they can’t see straight!  Faults are glossed over and relationships are formed immediately without much time to get to know the other person, faults and all.  They have the ways and means with which to get over involved.  Common sense goes out the window.  When things come down crashing down (reality rears its ugly head),  there is surprise and obvious grieving for something that wasn’t to be in the first place.

Falling in love is not supposed to be a revolving door.  Test the waters and see if you want some more.  In these relations ships, it is just too easy to leave and find someone else eager to be the new LOVE.  Doing this seems to mean that the new person is some type of winner and not the loser they might be.  Just because you are choosy doesn’t mean you are a loser because someday you might pick the winner and avoid messy relationships with people that don’t go anywhere.


Fame, money are very attractive.  Yet somebody with a great talent may not have much to offer other than that.  It is hard to mix that kind of glamourise life with success in the real world.  Whatever attracted him or her to you might wear off and leave you high and dry.  Cheating proliferates in this type of world and is supposed to be tolerated complete with possible STD’s.

The Missing Link

Relationships turn into a kind of a game with one-up-manships proliforating.  Security does not exist and when a crisis occurs, the sufferer is usually left high and dry.  What do you want a glamourse red carpet evening dress that you have to be sewn into or a practical comfortable attractive outfit that you can  wear over and over?  Relationships are that way too.  Even though he or she is not to your taste and you are not his or her taste, doesn’t mean you are a failure.  You both just avoided a big mistake.

Remember When You Are Down, Some People Like To Keep You There

Some people can be particularly nasty.  Maybe it’s the devil in them.  When you’re down and can’t bring yourself up, some people particularly relish the idea of making you feel even worse about yourself and not having any reason for living.  Maybe because they are jealous of the person they try to bring down and they think it will make them feel good.  Just as the devil is jealous of all believers,

When I was premenstrual, I often would have one day where I was down and couldn’t bring myself back up.  One time I even had a dream where I was trying to commit suicide by trying to drown myself in a pool.  If I hadn’t of known that I would usually have one day like that before my period, I would have let it get to me.  I would weather the storm knowing that the next day I would not feel so down so I didn’t let it get to me.

Some people are so evil that they would even provide the means for a suicidal person to commit suicide.  A boy’s parent gave him as a Christmas present the gun that his brother had used to commit suicide.  See the book by M. Scott Peck, The People Of The Lie.

Sometimes when parents lose a child that they favored they wish that it would have been another child in the family that died.  This is heinous as usually, that child had nothing to do with the death of the other child.  It could have been an illness, an accident or a suicide that caused the death.

If a person’s self-esteem is particularly low, they can even think that it would be doing the world a favor by killing them self.  These people can be particularly fragile and vulnerable to negative thoughts and feelings.  Bringing someone like that down even further can artificially raise someone else’s self-esteem.

Before The Time Is Up, Use It Wisely

Can You Beat The Clock? 

Time is like money.  It is something you can spend wisely or foolishly.  It belongs to you and it is like you have your own bank account except if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Pretend then that it is your money and what will you do with it?  When you procrastinate or sleep on the job, you misuse it.  Sleep itself is not bad but there is a time and a place for it.  We all need 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day.  Mindlessly watching TV or checking your texts or social media can be addicting and before you know it you can have an addiction problem and may be no better than an alcoholic.

Achievement is important in the use of time.  Think of it as something you can use to accomplish something.  I don’t know about you, but things talk to me when I see things that need to be done.  It adds to my mind clutter.  Worrying about doing something rather than doing it.  Arguing with yourself about why somebody else should do it, not you.  These things are a waste 0f precious time and shouldn’t be left attracting your attention.  Right now my kitchen floor is reminding me that it is past time to be mopped.  I can sweep it, but not mop it what is stopping me from doing the former when I can’t do the latter.  That mop bucket full of water is impossible for me to lift, but I can push a broom and I have a dust pan with a handle.

If you goof off, do it well.  It is not wrong to enjoy something like a TV show or a newspaper, but don’t stay glued to the TV when something you wanted to watch is over.  Us senior citizens often fall asleep.  Time passes quickly when you are having fun or when you sleep through something.

Life is like a box of chocolates.  Delicious to eat but they are quickly gone if you can’t help yourself from eating them all at once.  Sometimes you concentrate on the “delicious” things to do and avoid the things you consider boring or useless, but they can make life unpleasant if you have to pay for them later like avoiding flushing the stool after having your morning B. M.

Once I shared a bathroom with a girl who was also renting a room there.  We did not speak and I hardly ever saw her.  Until she got drunk (I think) and threw up all over the stool and the floor in our shared bathroom.  I waited for her to clean it but I couldn’t ignore it as the facilities were unusable until I gave in and cleaned them up no matter how icky and stinky they were. like this that you put off only get worse over time.  Things like this that you put off only get worse over time.

There is nothing wrong with time off if you use it wisely because before you know it, it will be gone.  Some people use up vacation and sick days when they get them.  Then they are bankrupt when it comes to time off.  Some people save them for a major illness or extra money when they retire and get reimbursed for them.  It really is your time, not theirs.  I am going to use mine right now to take a break for lunch which I plan to enjoy before I get back to work and finish this.

Reading Their Minds: Politicians And Others Of Such Ilk

Watched a discussion of what a politician did this week and how it turned out for him.  There has been and still is a big conflict over leaks in President Trump’s administration.  Then one of his close advisors enabled information about his personal opinion of what this administration is doing wrong to be accidentally by leaked someone on the left who he forgot to tell that he was talking confidentially and it got out.

Curiously another former staff member of President Trump made some very obcene comments about a staff member in the White House just before he got canned.  Should have both these men have known better?  These men both had been involved with dealing with the media and with dealing with leaks in the White House.

It seems that information about the President and his administration should be confidential and he will decide with input from his trusted? staff what to release.  Shouldn’t his advisors ask to see the President in order to tell him their concerns and this should be confidential and not released to the media by them only by the President?

Doesn’t this pattern fit recent staffers who recently got fired or resigned?  In many places of business, employees are supposed to keep their mouths shut about what goes on in the business.  For example. banks, law offices, and mental health facilities.One staffer went so far as to take notes of a conversation with the President and had a friend leak them to the press.  This was just before he got fired. Don’t I see a lot of sour grapes here? Wt happened to ethics and keeping the law while in public service?

Mercy Me,if I can see through this, why can’t you?  Ordinary people can see through this.  What do they think we are dupes?  easily fooled and manipulated.  Sometimes it is just better to keep your mouth shut especially if you want to keep it secret.  Also, don’t you think it is media’s job to notice this and figure out what is going on?

The People Of The Lie Are Excellent Manipulators Because they Have No Conscience

Has Someone Ever Hi-Jacked Your Mind? (Malignant Narcisists)

Some people are masters at manipulating your mind.  They don’t care about you, they care about them.  I have had them in my family and in my friends’ families.  It is like watching out for an open bear traps set by these people and once they have gotten you in their grip you might lose your leg.  The most important thing is that they don’t care about you but they take advantage of you caring about them.  (

Some people don’t think the way you think but they can make you think that they do.  When we start to become involved with them, we might think that they think like us and even that they have the same values and standards of behavior.   (More later)  More information in the post where gaslighting is discussed and in the post where M. Scott Peck’s  The People of the lie is discussed.   We don’t want to be bad people and not take these people at their word.  We find out later that what happens is that they don’t keep their word even when we do keep our word.  Sometimes it goes to the point where these people don’t really have any conscience but they can manipulate us to their advantage because we do.

Let It All Out (Continuation of Righteous Anger) -Under Construction

There is a time when you should not hold it all in and you should let it out.  Finding a safe place is important.  Go where you can’t be heard or seen.  Get a pillow.  Get a weapon of mass destruction (just kidding) a rubber hose or a rolled up newspaper.  Find something safe to hit (we used to use old phone books)  Scream and yell and let it all hang out.  There are times when people rely on the fact that you won’t say anything and will acquise to almost anything so as not to cause a disturbance.  You can have a lot bottled up if you have let people walk all over you.  “Give me a ride to the docotor’s and wait there and bring me home.  We’ll use your gas and your car and might even get you to buy us something to eat if it runs past lunch time or you have t o pretend you’re not hungry and go ahead and drive them home and not eat’

Righteous Anger?

English: Angry woman.

English: Angry woman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is anger righteous?  Many people believe so. You feel that somebody or something has done you wrong.  Is it okay then to get mad?  What about considering the following religious sayings: Vengeance is mine saith the Lord or  turn the other cheek.  Or is it more important to know (especially if you are not religious) that anger, if indulged in, can continue to eat at your guts when the person you may be angry with is no longer in the picture.  Also what you say and do when you are angry can get you into trouble and have long term consequences.  How many people who have gone to jail got into trouble with the law when they were angry?

We most often get angry about things we can’t control and we often make the mistake of thinking if we are angry at or about something that it is something we can control when it is something we can’t control.  There are things we can control, even if it is difficult to do so sometimes,  like our thoughts and what we say and do.  When it comes to other people, we usually can’t control what they do, say, or think unless we use negative behaviors like force or emotional manipulation.  What happens when people are forced or manipulated into doing something they don’t want to do, they get angry and now we have come full circle.  Now we’re not angry, but someone else is, and nothing can be done  to stop them from retaliating when they get a chance and as a result, we get angry again.

When we indirectly express our aggression, we call it passive aggression.  Passive aggression involves behaviors that often appear to be kind and helpful, but aren’t.  Have you ever agreed to do something against your will and managed to mess it up somehow?  The other person can’t get mad at you, right?, because you did what they wanted even if it didn’t turn out right.  That is often a form of passive aggression.

People often say when they get mad that they can’t control their feelings.  When they have feelings,  they just happen and it is the other person’s fault for causing them to feel that way.  Actually it is important to own your own feelings.  The same thing can happen to two different people and they can feel differently about it.  If I am out shopping and I have no appointments to keep and someone ahead of me in a checkout line has a problem and causes the line to back up, I probably will not get upset and will wait for the problem to be resolved.  Another person who had the same thing happen to her last week and missed an appointment because of it gets mad and the feeling grows in intensity the longer she waits.

When it comes to feelings, especially angry ones, it is better to say,”I feel angry when you do this”, rather than, “When you do this, you make me feel angry”.  It is better to not assign blame to others.  These are called “I statements“.  Also often when you put some perspective on things, the feelings that you have about them change.  For example when a person bumps into you, you may be upset, until you notice that the person has a white cane and is blind.


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More on Anger

The world has seemed to explode with anger.  Almost everywhere you look around the world, people are angry and they are destroying property and killing and maiming people.  How do you get people to do this?  Threats can be made to people that the same will happen to them if they do not cooperate in doing this and that they will become the enemy  and be slaughtered too.  This is what has happened to children soldiers in Africa.

What is the origin of anger?  It always starts with the individual and his or her ability to control his or her own temper.  Some people consider anger a right.  They may even believe that they can not help how they feel.  They may think, “It is alright for me to do this if someone or something makes me angry.”  This might be labeled as righteous anger.  (See my post, Righteous Anger published previously on this website.)

After we are born, our emotional feelings separate into two kinds of feelings,  positive and negative.  Anger is one type of  negative feeling.  Frustration is one way that negative feelings are created.  We learn in childhood the appropriate ways to express these feelings and what type of behavior we are supposed to use to do this.


ANGER!! (Photo credit: Za3tOoOr!)

There is a difference between power and force as means of getting one’s way.  Force is fueled with anger and it is expressed as aggression.  If I want something, I take it.  Power is more subtle and complex.  An example of this would be Mahatma Gandhi in India and his nonviolence movement.  The more respect one has for one’s self and others and the the more peaceful one’s value system is, the more likely it is that when that person accomplishes something, it is will be through power and not force.   Dr. David Hawkins has a book about this called, Power vs. Force.


The Vulnerable Age, Young Adulthood

These new adults have just started making decisions based on possible future consequences and they are easily seduced into following groups that offer or most of all the answers to life’s questions.  This has been discussed alot when cults became prominent and attracted young followers.  They, the cults, claimed to have all the answers and these inexperienced young people were easy targets.

Actually the answers to the whys of life can actually be chased all life long and what seem to be the answers at one point in life (say middle age) may not be the answers at an earlier and sometimes not even at an older age.  Self-respect, love, joy, and peace should always be part of these answers.  You can wear yourself out chasing certain things (money, romance, notoriety, and power) and never be really content.

You can create an atmosphere around you that invites negative things or you can create a positive loving environment that can generate good will wherever you go.  Frowns, cuss words, criticism, negative solutions can contaminate not only your life but those of others.  The best solution is to leave if you can not change the topic of the conversation and thus change the atmosphere you are around.

People who seem very self-confident and righteous rather than calm and basically sure of what they are saying usually are being very defensive at least on the inside and need you as a disciple to confirm their beliefs and back the power of these beliefs over others including you.  Who are they fooling?  Themselves? Others? You?  This brings to mind a drug addict I know.  He walked into the room I was in with a smug smile on his face and confident that I didn’t really know what he was doing.  I did!  I told him he was “high” and I didn’t appreciate it.

Don’t let them destroy your own self-confidence.  Yes, it takes time but you can develop your own self-judgment.  If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right.  Sometimes someone else’s self-confidence can overrule our own good judgment.