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  •  “GOOD” allows people to make choices and encourages them to do this.  With “GOOD”, you have the right to make your own decisions.   “EVIL” does not encourage making choices.  There is only one choice and that is the one that “EVIL” supports.
  • “Let me see here,”

    “GOOD” encourages acquiring knowledge about both “GOOD” and “EVIL” and everything in-between…  Wisdom is usually the result.

    “EVIL” does not encourage acquiring new knowledge that conflicts with any of the EVIL’s doctrines.  Evil wants people to wear blinders like horses used to do.“GOOD” wants everyone to know all the truth.

  • The People Of The Lie Are Excellent Manipulators Because they Have No Consciences

    “EVIL” maintains there is only one truth, their truth.  (Scientology for example?)

     “EVIL” often maintains secrecy.
    Whose weapon is “doubt”  “GOOD” or “EVIL”‘s?“GOOD” wants the “Good News” to be broadcast to everyone.Now can you tell the difference between “GOOD” and “EVIL”?Which one, “GOOD” or “EVIL”, does not want you to be able to tell the difference between them?

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