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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Warning signs of a More Serious problem when baby blues (post partum Depression) Strikes.

Postpartum Depression also known, as the baby blues is a serious illness that can occur in the first few months after a woman gives birth. Post partum is caused by the rapid changes in hormone levels that occur after pregnancy. Unlike the baby blues, postpartum depression is considered a more serious problem—one that shouldn’t be ignored. However, it’s not always easy to distinguish between the two. When a woman gives birth it’s a surreal, amazing experience. An experience that brings joy, happiness, love, you begin to appreciate life more fully. However, instead of celebrating, some women feel a wave of sadness, anxiety, and begin to Lose interest in activities they used to enjoy. Continue reading

Finding happiness in the present (the here and now) instead of focusing on the past and future.

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” – Alexander Graham bell

 All too often, people hold onto the past because its safe, its comfortable; it’s all they know. For some, it’s all they can identify with. Moving forward can be very frightening. There is doubt and uncertainty of not knowing where you will end up. It is human nature to want a clear view, or at least half of the details involving your life. Developing a real appreciation for the things you have in this very moment opens up more opportunities in the future. Continue reading

Emotional Blackmail

Emotional blackmail is very common. It’s an extremely powerful form of manipulation. It usually involves an individual close to us threatening to punish us for not doing what they want. They can be our managers, co-workers, friends, lovers or even members of our family. Manipulation turns into Emotional blackmail when it is used repeatedly to force us to comply with their demands, even when we refuse to. Whenever people try to get their own way, regardless of the cost to you, you’re looking at an emotional blackmailer. They are extremely selfish, and have little interest in conflict resolution or compromise. Continue reading