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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Adoption Of Slavery Eats At The Soul

Whenever man chooses to use some form of slavery to amass a fortune and gain power over others, he loses his soul.  In order to do this a person has to lie to himself, herself, or others to do this.  The most unfortunate thing is when a person lies to him or her self about what he or she is doing and comes to believe it.   The worst person to lie to is oneself.rp_300px-Accounting_bruce.jpgOne lie leads to another.  Watch the movie, 12 Years A Slave.  The plantation owner’s wife was led to deceive so she could keep her husband and plantation.  The plantation owner deceived himself and how he treated his mistress who was one of his slaves.  The slave herself lied to the plantation owner and those who lived on the plantation about her feelings about being forced to be his mistress.  The other slaves and the plantation owner’s wife didn’t know that the mistress was doing this against her will and she endured cruelty from the plantation owner’s wife, other slaves, and as well as the plantation owner himself.

What a life we live when first we practice to deceive.  Does the end justify the means?  How often do you lie to yourself or others in order to not feel guilty or shamed about something.  Especially if we are vulnerable to the judgment of others.  Rationalizing is giving a “good” reason for doing something that others will accept without criticism.  It also could be said that someone was justifying something they did.rp_Truman_pass-the-buck.jpg

Confession is good for the soul.  The place to start is with your own conscience.  Examine yourself.  Are you telling any lies of omission and/or co-mission.  Remember only a fool believes his or her own lies and lets them becomes his or her reality.  If you believe you can’t for give yourself for something you did or said, it is more likely that you can’t reveal  that you have been rationalization and justifying these things to others and yourself.  Your justifications and rationalizations you do reveal even to yourself what they really are lies.

Do you conveniently forget stuff you have done that makes you uncomfortable?  Do you tell a “made up” reason for doing something so frequently in order to be more comfortable, that you have forgotten the real reason.rp_300px-Boy_and_girl_from_Mauritius.jpg

As adults we often find it easy to bamboozle our  children and get them to believing something that is not true.  Then we laugh at how they react.  Sometimes they even cry.  Yes, it is easy to lie to children or to others who don’t know what we know; but should we.  Taking their innocence away from children is stealing using lies and deceit.  Children are not called “innocent” for nothing.

Charlatans and psychopaths know when they are lying, but they don’t care if they are telling the truth or not.  Do you?  Get something the “right” way or don’t get it at all.  When you lie, you lose everyone’s respect including your own.

Love One Another Right Now Even If It Costs

rp_8619481133_df8a85fccf_m.jpgYou think you can’t win if you don’t compete by withholding love from others because they might win and you might lose.  Do you find it difficult to impossible to be happy for others when they succeed and get rewarded for it on top of it and you don’t?

I cheer for others and can sometimes even be gloriously happy when they succeed.  Some people think that is strange.  Yet it is living proof that I too can win and meet my goals.  So many of us have had it brow beaten into us that others winning lowers the chance of our being able to do so also.  This means fewer accomplishments for us.  Do you find it hard to congratulate others when you, yourself, have not succeeded.  Do we often covet what others get or have because we feel that there is no more room in the inn for us to get some.

Love when divided multiplies.  The more we give the more we potentially can have.  There is an old story about a wicked witch who comes to a happy community and tells the occupants that they only have so much love to give and not to give it out unless they were sure of getting it back.  She even starts selling charms and spells that will substitute for giving from their supply of love unless they are sure they will get it back.  They conserve their supply of love for their own loved ones, not strangers.rp_300px-Friendship_love.JPG

Why should people give from their rapidly limited decreasing supply of real love when they can get “love” to give to others from the witch and thus not deplete their supply of real love.  They reserved their “real” love for themselves and their families and friends.  You know that people can die from lack of love and soon people began to drop like flies.  It was the phony love that killed them.  People became very selfish and stingy.

Just because you give love away doesn’t mean you will have no more love to give or have for yourself.  Strangely enough one child in the town where the evil witch loved either had not heard this or didn’t believe and began giving away love freely, without abandon, and NOBODY he gave to DIED FROM LACK OF LOVE ANYMORE INCLUDING HIMSELF.

Try the 29 day giving spree and give of your own treasures to someone else who would appreciate having them.  Or give more money to others than you just have to.  Why be stingy or calculate the appropriate amount to the penny when it comes to giving tips.  It only counts if it hurts a little or a lot for you to give these things.  It must cost you something to do this or it won’t count.  Something you were planning to throw out and dispose of at the Salvation Army does not count.  Remember what goes around comes around and it sometimes happens very quickly and in a surprising way.

Modern science has shown that people who do this are at the very least happier and may even get a rush of endrophens.  People who do this often start planning ahead about what they are going to give next.  This leaves less time for anxiety, sadness, and worry and for defaming others, putting them down, criticizing them, and passing judgment on them.rp_Not_So_Much_To_Be_Loved_As_To_Love.jpg

At Christmas time, have you ever played secret Santa?  People who work or live in the same place secretly draw names and do one thing kindly and anonymously each day for that person until Christmas.  The receiver tries to guess who the Secret Santa actually is.  Part of the fun is confusing the recipient and surprising him or her on Christmas when the secret is revealed.  It is fun to keep him or her off the track.  This too is part of the fun sometimes of paying it forward  as the recipient may never know who was so kind and/or generous.


Life Before Birth

rp_182075622_e2c5a99240_m.jpgJust as we question if there is life after death, we should question if there is life before birth.  It is only recently that we have been able to follow the development of life at or after conception until birth.  We did not have the tools to do this when my children were born that we do now with my young grandchildren to investigate the formation of life before birth.  They only investigations that we conducted in the past were on dead fetuses.

We used to think that life began when the newborn took his or her first breath.  Yet, the fetus had been getting life giving oxygen through the umbilical cord for months.  Soon after conception all body parts, appendages, and organs including the brain have formed and only need to mature.  This happens at six to eight weeks often before the mother has confirmed that she is pregnant.  Some people do not attribute humanness to the baby until he or she can experience pain at the half way mark, twenty weeks.  What do you think?rp_300px-New_Life_Ranch_Sign.jpg

It was much easier to sacrifice the life of an unborn child when we did not know this.  Also little or no information was disceminated in the past about how this was done and what was the result of any of the procedures used at various stage of fetal development to do this.

Not until recently has modern medicine opened the closed doors of surgery and let the recipients of the various surgical procedures know what was to be done.  An example of this is when a woman has a hysterectomy , not only does she not always know what is to be done nor does she know what the effect of this procedure might be on her womanhood.  How often in the past have women gone home from giving birth or having had female surgery without knowing what to expect and thus not knowing if what is happening to her body afterwards is normal or not.

Still births, miscarriages, and death of the fetus which a woman must carry until she aborts the dead fetus are often suffered by women with little counseling or support.  Many of her questions about the lost baby are often not answered.  Maybe this is because the powers that be do not count the fetus as the woman’s lost child.  Thus she is often not allowed to grieve the loss as if “it” were a live child.rp_300px-Mary_Cassatt_Young_Mother_Sewing.jpg

Some health professionals often go so far as to be callous and unkind and even  chastise the woman for being upset about the loss of a “child” and having any feelings about it.  Maybe we should err on the side of perceiving any type of “abortion” (voluntary or involuntary) as the loss of a child.

Perhaps this post will make you think I am against a woman’s right to her body and whether she has to carry an unborn child to term.  No, I am not; but I am against a woman making such a decision without all the information she needs to make such a decision especially when the information is knowingly withheld from her.  I found out from two doctors (not in practice with each other) that in order to have amnosentesis to detect if a fetus had Down syndrome that I would have to sign a permission slip allowing them to perform a late term abortion if they found that he or she had Down syndrome.rp_300px-Drill.jpg


Help Yourself To The Smorgasbord of Life

It is time to help yourself to the smorgasbord of life.  There now is so much information out there that you can use to help yourself have a better life.  Self-Help books have multplied geometrically.  More and more people are investigating the spiritual realm whether it is the one that they were born into or one that they adopted when they were older.  This kind of knowledge was once hidden and/or people were discouraged from pursuing it on their own.

Knowledge of this universe and how it works can only help you manifest what you want out of life for yourself or others.  Often you hear people saying, “I can’t help myself” when asked why they are not getting ahead and/or don’t know what they want out of life.rp_The_Meaning_of_Life_with_Gay_Byrne.jpg

All knowledge is built on knowledge previously attained and assimilated.  Every discovery that leads a person on to new fields rings an imaginary chime in the person head and often affirms an idea or belief that the person was already contemplating.

In the smorgasbord of life, you only take what you need and help yourself to whatever tempting dish calls to you.  In a real life smorgasbord,  I might choose herring in sour cream or wine sauce.  You, however, might not touch it and may even be repulsed by it.  Remember to avoid temptation when it calls for you to hurt yourself or someone else.

If-your-inner-voice-canThere are so many new techniques of self-discovery perpetuated by modern day psychology;  meditation and mindfulness are just two of them. Old standards are relaxation techniques and hypnosis.   Should we save such techniques for people who are having serious mental health problems or should we teach them and encourage their use by everyone to help them feel better and succeed in life.  When the pupil is ready the teacher will come.  Be realistic and find a reliable qualified practitioner.

There has been the scientific verification of things in psychology that we either didn’t know could happen or couldn’t prove if we suspected that they might happen.  The formation of crystals when water was frozen was effected by the positive or negative nature (the vibrations) of  the words that labeled the water’s containers.  When they were positive , the crystals were beautiful and well formed under the microscope; but just the opposite happened when they were negative.  It was difficult or almost impossible for the water to form stable crystals when the words were negative.

It is also shameful that much has been learned in psychology as a science that could help us to raise people from children to adults with fewer problems in behavior, thinking, and relationships.  In the name of freedom, we are not allowed to tamper with how and why children are conceived, who can have them, and how they are raised.

Many children are raised with parents who are poor examples of how to behave and in less than optimal circumstances especially when parents or caregivers decide not to use their available resources (time? money?) on the children.  If there are problems, parents can determine that nothing will be done about them.  In psychotherapy later in adulthood how much time is spent undoing what went wrong in childhood?children-innervoicejpg

Atmosphere is important.  Children, even babies can sense when an adults, words, facial expression, behavior, or gestures do not match.  However, the adult often tells the child who sense this that they are wrong because the adult does not want the child to not trust them.

There are resources out there and they can be found in many places.  People and groups of people who share the same beliefs involving respect for all life, determination to do the most good for the most living beings, and love for all provide these kind of resources.

Love Will Keep It Together

rp_8619481133_df8a85fccf_m.jpgI  felt compelled to publish this although this was still in the draft stage.  I am completing the  proofing now.

Love will keep it together.  It often doesn’t make sense to people; but it works.  We have all probably heard, “Turn the other cheek.”  How it works is sometimes hard to understand.  Does it work because it keeps you in a better mood;  and therefore, others  treat you better too?

There is something I will call ambiguous hostility for the purpose of this discussion.  It is the tendency to take something that was not meant in a bad way and turn it into a hostile gesture.  It is the proverbial chip on the shoulder.  If it is possible to take something in the wrong way, the person with this hostility problem will do it.

People have more control over their emotions than they often think they do.   “I can’t help it,” they say, “He or she made me mad.”  First does that person’s opinion really count?  Second did that person do this to manipulate you in any way?  Do you want to be manipulated and turn over control of yourself to him or her?

Practice relaxation and/or meditation.  Don’t just think peace or love, be peace or love.   Research has demonstrated that this works.  Crime went down in a community when a large group of people not only prayed for peace, but they visualized it and became peaceful as well.  What next?

At the doctor’s office the other day, I was early and I was the only person in the waiting room.  The office staff commented on how peaceful it was.  It was and it felt good.  On the other hand, I was there when a child was screaming and acting up.  His parents wouldn’t or couldn’t control him.  I almost walked out and I am usually very tolerant and accepting of children’s behavior.  The atmosphere in the waiting room was entirely is a mirror

You can make bad things worse.  Often I have often been caught in a check out line where the customer who is in the middle of being checked out has a problem and the people in line like me have to wait until management fixes it.  Especially if I have no reason to hurry things up ( like another appointment, somebody waiting on me to show up) shouldn’t I be patient and maybe lighten things up with a little humor?

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me; let me walk with my brother in perfect harmony.  Let it start here.  So often we wait for it to start there like in the middle east.