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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Do You Have Someone That You Can Completely Be Your Self With?

rp_300px-Grouptherapy.jpgDo you have someone you can completely be yourself with and if the answer is no, why not?

Laugh until dawn.  Cry until you run out of kleenex.  You should have gone home hours ago.  They (your family, friends, or roommate) may have filed a missing person’s report on you.

Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium

I once spent a weekend on the river with a friend where time was forgotten and i never thought of going about going home.  I have never forgotten it and how free I felt.

Sometimes this happens just once and you can never make that connection with that person again.  If you broach the subject at a later time they look at you blankly and perhaps act like they don’t even  know you.

rp_228552603_150_150.jpgWhy are our secrets so dangerous, perhaps even terrifying, that we can not even share them safely?  Secrets and the making of them and the keeping of them can be terrifying to some people and in some circumstances, even deadly.

This is often part of falling in love.  Being completely open with someone is a good start.  But this often changes as the relationship matures.  For how many married couples is their spouse also still their best friend.

Toddler having a temper tantrum and screaming at her mother. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.It can sometimes be hilarious when a person is with his or her friends and can be completely open.  Recently this happened twice to me.  One was in a nursing home on a visit to a friend which lasted til lights out and in the other, we decided unanimously to have the place where we were meeting as a “No Thong Zone” in the future.

Could Putdowns Be A Form Of Putting A Curse On Someone?

The witches (at least the bad ones) have gone and people don’t worry about curses being put upon them anymore or do they?  When people put you down to make themselves feel better or to raise themselves above you, are they really putting a curse on you especially if you or those around you tend to believe them?  The power in a curse is usually the strength that of the belief that the victim has in them.

rp_300px-Bullying_Irfe.jpgAlso, can putdowns be a form of domestic abuse?  Yes, a person can be emotionally as well as physically abused leaving them browbeaten and powerless.  Have you ever known a person who doesn’t ever seem to have something good to say about a family member and worse yet, other family members start to do it too.

A Perplexed Child

A Perplexed Child

Doing it to children is a heinous offense.  They often do not have a way of knowing that it is not true and they believe it.  Other family members, especially other children, will start to do it too.  “Monkey see; monkey do”  Also siblings seeing it done to a fellow sibling might think that they might be next so they keep the spotlight on their sibling’s faults and deficiencies.

rp_363561405_150_150.jpgIt is not a good joke if the person who is the object of the joke doesn’t laugh at it too.  When this happens to children, they are often reduced to tears.  The perpetrators say they don’t know why the object of the joke doesn’t think it is funny and they label him or her a “bad sport.”