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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Only Occur After Birth, It Can Happen After A Miscarriage As Well As After A Still Birth. What A Crying Shame!

(Coming post.)  It can also drive a sane woman crazy.  One of the most misunderstood and mis-treated psychological problems a woman can face.

Your Values Are Valuable


Your values are valuable and so are mine.  Corporations often have a mission statement that they put out there so people in the corporation and people outside the corporation can know what they are working towards so they can know if they are missing the point.  If you or the people you are associating with don’t know what you are working for in life, we can certainly get lost if we don’t know what we think is important or if we don’t review these goals regularly to see if we are hitting or missing our mark.  Many of us have a “To Do List” so we can’t forget to do something important in our everyday lives so maybe we need a list of the values we are working on that we can reference every day.

I started out with the ten commandments, but then I realised there were more things written in the Bible that I might need to follow.  Here is my list of resolutions that I made after I was baptised recently:

  1.  Don’t criticise people unless it would really be helpful to them and only then.  Usually, your criticisms reflect more about what is wrong with you than what is them.  I still have a problem with people whose gender identity is confusing.  What does that say about me?
  2. All people are God’s children including the mentally and physically disabled, and also the economically impoverished and educationally lacking,  and they deserve equal respect with those who are elevated by fame, fortune, etc. in our society.
  3. Don’t gossip and don’t listen to gossip.  If it is none of your business, then it is none of your business.  People around me gossip and I don’t have to join in or choose to listen.  Better yet I should state why I won’t do it and then follow through and leave.
  4. Fame, wealth, and power should not be my goals in life.  The collection of worldly things and of powerful or famous friends should not be of the highest importance to me.  Recognition should not be a goal in itself.  If you do something if possible do so anonymously.  Who you do something nice for should not be chosen for any reason but that they are there.  Pay  It Forward.
  5. Keep negative things like criticism and withholding love, out of your head.  For some reason, we are afraid to give love.   It is like we think we have a limited supply of it.   Actually, I believe “love” is something that grows.  The more you give the more you have.  Keep score.  Do you think or say more negative things than you do positive ones?
  6. Anger is something you should express and possibly feel only rarely.  People with road rage feed their own fires and then another driver comes along and instead of letting them get away with something stupid, they do something rash and cause a crash.  Is it worth it?
  7. Filling our minds with envious thoughts, regret, shame, worry, and doubt creates a cesspool of yuck that we keep revisiting when there is no need to do so.  People don’t have to call us names, react angrily to what we do, we can do this to ourselves.  Children pick this up quickly, especially when they are called names and spoken about negatively.  A child soon learns to berate themselves about these things.  Before a child has a chance to do or even learn anything, they are told what they can’t accomplish.  For example, telling a child and remarking to other adults that that child has no common sense and sometimes even going further and saying that the child will never learn common sense either.
  8. Holding people responsible for people committing hate crimes, especially ones committed with us as the target; keeps us from going on with our life.  Things are not always fair.  The boss has the option of firing you for no good reason except maybe you are his or her competition or they want your job for a friend or family member.  When it comes to firing, it is a question of what happens first, someone quits or someone gets fired.  It can often come as a complete shock for the person who gets fired.  Again it is a question of who gets more bank for the buck, the person doing the firing or the person who resigns and who gets a chance to tell someone off and walk off.
  9. Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated.  Often we treat others (including pets) better than we treat ourselves.  You are valuable.  Take good care of yourself, you belong to me.

Take a look at this and if you value your body and overall mental and physical health, you might find some good ideas here: