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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Quit Dumping On Other People And Letting Them Clean It Up

In Hawaii, there are fines for littering.  People you wouldn’t think of as doing this, dump on others all the time.  Some rich people never pay someone that provides them with services, they just find someone else.  Because they are rich, people take them on as a customer, thinking there will be no problem getting paid.  I call this ripping them off.  Who will bother going to small claims court?

We have had very few dogs and cats on the farm that we got from a breeder.  Farmers probably have more rescue animals than anyone else and they may even get them neutered.  Dumping an animal in a place way out in the country is thinking that someone else will find the animal and take pity on it or it will get killed or die of starvation.

Don’t be a “rich” childless aunt or uncle; because poorer relatives will “borrow” from you and never pay it back.  Thinking that it won’t hurt you or that you will forget how much they owe you.  They think that you have plenty of money anyway.

Finally how about dumping kids on somebody else?  Many people have kids but don’t want the responsibility of raising them.  They sluff them off on somebody else (or the foster care system) and only show up when necessary to assert their property rights.  Kids are not property for those want to claim ownership and the ordinary court system is not the place to determine custody of them.

Are You Pineing For A Punk?

What First Attracts!

Are you pining for a punk?  You might be if your story is part of the content of a scandal sheet.  Being recently confined for illness, my friend gave me a buch of scandal sheets. Whether I knew them or not, I found a common theme, recent breakups and connections between famous people.  They have everything, shouldn’t their relationships work out?

How they treat each other is outrageous!  When under the influence of first Love, it appears that they can’t see straight!  Faults are glossed over and relationships are formed immediately without much time to get to know the other person, faults and all.  They have the ways and means with which to get over involved.  Common sense goes out the window.  When things come down crashing down (reality rears its ugly head),  there is surprise and obvious grieving for something that wasn’t to be in the first place.

Falling in love is not supposed to be a revolving door.  Test the waters and see if you want some more.  In these relations ships, it is just too easy to leave and find someone else eager to be the new LOVE.  Doing this seems to mean that the new person is some type of winner and not the loser they might be.  Just because you are choosy doesn’t mean you are a loser because someday you might pick the winner and avoid messy relationships with people that don’t go anywhere.


Fame, money are very attractive.  Yet somebody with a great talent may not have much to offer other than that.  It is hard to mix that kind of glamourise life with success in the real world.  Whatever attracted him or her to you might wear off and leave you high and dry.  Cheating proliferates in this type of world and is supposed to be tolerated complete with possible STD’s.

The Missing Link

Relationships turn into a kind of a game with one-up-manships proliforating.  Security does not exist and when a crisis occurs, the sufferer is usually left high and dry.  What do you want a glamourse red carpet evening dress that you have to be sewn into or a practical comfortable attractive outfit that you can  wear over and over?  Relationships are that way too.  Even though he or she is not to your taste and you are not his or her taste, doesn’t mean you are a failure.  You both just avoided a big mistake.

Remember When You Are Down, Some People Like To Keep You There

Some people can be particularly nasty.  Maybe it’s the devil in them.  When you’re down and can’t bring yourself up, some people particularly relish the idea of making you feel even worse about yourself and not having any reason for living.  Maybe because they are jealous of the person they try to bring down and they think it will make them feel good.  Just as the devil is jealous of all believers,

When I was premenstrual, I often would have one day where I was down and couldn’t bring myself back up.  One time I even had a dream where I was trying to commit suicide by trying to drown myself in a pool.  If I hadn’t of known that I would usually have one day like that before my period, I would have let it get to me.  I would weather the storm knowing that the next day I would not feel so down so I didn’t let it get to me.

Some people are so evil that they would even provide the means for a suicidal person to commit suicide.  A boy’s parent gave him as a Christmas present the gun that his brother had used to commit suicide.  See the book by M. Scott Peck, The People Of The Lie.

Sometimes when parents lose a child that they favored they wish that it would have been another child in the family that died.  This is heinous as usually, that child had nothing to do with the death of the other child.  It could have been an illness, an accident or a suicide that caused the death.

If a person’s self-esteem is particularly low, they can even think that it would be doing the world a favor by killing them self.  These people can be particularly fragile and vulnerable to negative thoughts and feelings.  Bringing someone like that down even further can artificially raise someone else’s self-esteem.