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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Project, Project, Project

/>Telling someone off might be telling something about you. Where do all those names come from that you use in name calling? In psychology, this process is called “projection”. The-is is probably the oldest and most common source of projection. It happens when someone is already doing something or has done that they accuse someone they are mad at of doing the same thing. For example, a governmental committee chairperson is accusing the administrative head of the government of dragging his or her feet in promoting an issue when it is actually the committee that is doing that.

This can also lead to denial by the accuser or the “Who Me?” syndrome. Remember when one finger is pointing to another person three fingers are pointing back to the person who is pointing the finger. The history of the situation can be a big help. How has the accuser behaved in the past or do other people say the opposite about him to what he says about himself? That leads to thinking that denial is the source of much of projection.

Some people think that if they say something often enough and loud enough that it will be believable and also that in addition that other people will not bother to check the facts. I, myself, am sometimes guilty of the latter. I recently got fact-checked on FaceBook by a friend. I believed something because I wanted to believe it about somebody. Beware!

This is a problem with the media who have several television stations saying the same thing. They have simply jumped to conclusions without checking the facts, without having more than one reliable source for their information, and becoming people who give only their opinions as news, talking about things the way that they want them to be rather than the way they really are. They are often easily misinformed choosing the things that they want to hear, not the things they don’t want to here This includes the photos and films they choose to show. Are they so paranoid because they fear that the truth might prevail? and upset the apple cart? Their applecart?