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Monthly Archives: July 2019

You Can Understand Yourself Better and You Can Understand How and Why You Do Or Don’t Get Along With Other People

I wouldn’t have ever thought that a dressing system would help me understand myself and others. For example, in one system based on the seasons, I was a “Summer” and I wore my clothes and bought my clothes based on the system. I never got any compliments based on the clothes that I wore that were “summer” and I didn’t feel more confident when I wore them.

Then I gave up on using any sort of system and just bought what I needed and appealed to me. I don’t know how I ran across Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth system but it interested me and I bought one of her first books and decided I was a Type 1 because I thought I was “an idea person”. At that time, her Dressing Your Truth system had at that time a store that sold clothing and accessories, as well as makeup and I, bought a few type 1 things. It wasn’t until I looked back at a picture of me in a “Type 1” top that I realized that the top wasn’t flattering at all and began to look elsewhere in the system.

Then I began looking at the “Type 3” part of the system and as I began to coordinate and choose my outfits and accessories as “the dynamic Type 3 woman”, I started getting spontaneous compliments from strangers on my dress. Later I took some photos of “type 3” hairstyles to a hairdresser and began to get compliments on my hair which I wasn’t used to. As I perceive it, Carol Tuttle, every woman can stand out and command attention if she follows her style of energy.

When I finally began to read The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle which I already had, I began to understand my type more when I read about a “Type 3” child at different ages and how to parent a “Type 3” child at different ages. It also talked about the interaction between different types of parents and their parenting styles and how different types of children would interact with them. Finally, the book did not forget boys and men and their different interacting styles. As I said in a previous post, there is a Dressing Your Truth system for boys and men for all four interacting styles. It does seem fairly complicated but if you start with finding your own type and exploring it on the internet in the Dressing Your Truth system and then go on to reading the books on the system and then to reading the Child Whisperer, you will gain the background you need to explore it.

References to specific books and internet sites will follow when I get them.

Do You Really Know Your Child? And Do You Really Know Yourself?

Both of these things are important. You can’t be successful at child rearing if you don’t know both things. The most helpful theory I have found has been Carol Tuttle’s book, The Child Whisperer. I actually got started reading Carol Tuttle’s book after I became acquainted with her system of dressing oneself according to your energy type.

It took me a while to understand Dressing Your Truth and initially I picked the wrong type; but after reading the Child Whisperer, I became more confident with my current choice, Type 3. I had initially chosen type 1, which I now have realized was my secondary type, not my primary type. I really knew that I had made the right choice when I started getting unexpected compliments from strangers in type 3 clothes and accessories. I knew that type 1 was not my type when I saw a picture of myself in a type 1 top that I had chosen because it was advertised as type 1 in the Dressing Your Truth store which was open at that time. Also, please note there is now information for men about all 4 types.

The Child Whisperer has information about all four types of children and has information about all four types of parents. It very clearly explains how these various types of children can interact and how mistakes can easily be made in understanding each other and in interacting with each other because the requirements of each type of child at different stages fit with different types of parents both positively and negatively. Thus you have four possible types of children and four possible types of parents. Add to that that there are two parents and they can be different from each other and then once the parents get used to how their possibly different styles of parenting interact with this type of child, they might go on to having more children who might not be the same type.

The book, The Child Whisperer, goes into all the different combinations as well as explaining how each different type of child might be like at different stages and how to recognize them and how different styles of parenting are like with each energy type. However, I would recommend that you should become acquainted with each energy type first which is easier for women as the Dressing Your Truth system was first started as being for women. There are now materials for men. Once you find your energy type (and this is true for both men and women), you will find yourself being more comfortable in your clothes and more confident about your appearance.

The Dressing Your Truth System is available online. There is material there to help you determine your type and material that tells you what each type is like. There is an earlier book and a more recent book. They tell you how to identify each type and how each type is characterized. For example,I am “Fire” when I initially thought I was “Air”; but my personal nicknames have always been “Wildcat’ and “Wildfire” although as a child I was always called, “Pumpkin” which curiously is one of the colors that is suggested for Type 3’s to wear.

Curiously, there are three colors that should only be worn by one of these types, they are pure white, gray, and black. Notice that these are usually presented as staples in one’s wardrobe. I have a family picture taken at a wedding where I was dressed in a black top and a black skirt. I looked terrible and the only thing that I can say about how I looked is that I looked, “huge” and you would ordinarily think that black would make you look smaller. Only type 4’s can get away with black (and pure white as far as that matters) and gray can only be worn by type 2’s. I assume that would be true for men too. I really have not read up on men yet.

Curious yet? I am going to publish this without all the relevant details just to get you interested and I will follow up with them in a week.