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A Good Relationship

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever (Photo credit: 18brumaire)

A good relationship is so much more satisfying than an uncomfortable one.  In the former relationship, you can be yourself, express your own personal opinions, and not have to change for the other person.  It is a breath of fresh air.  BFF (Best Friends Forever) was coined to con-notate this kind of relationship.  Some of these relationships are born and some are made.  I like both kinds.  With the first type, you instantly know you have found a friend and share things you usually don’t share.  With the second type, you have resolved some issues that have kept you apart in the past, and you value the relationship even more because of this.

If possible there needs to be some openness in all your relationships.  This is the ideal situation.   However, in our society, not all people operate this way.  Such openness could make for an ideal work situation and make life in a family a rowdy, often argumentative one with ultimately a feeling of mutual support.  The foundation for such a relationship is mutual respect.  There is also the recognition that individual differences exist and can be accommodated for.  Freedom for you is freedom for me and the foundation for all this is love.

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