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Aliens Among Us


OUTER SPACE (Photo credit: whologwhy)

Does the thought of aliens living among us scare you?  Well, it has been happening for a long time.  They were right there under our noses all the time.  We live with them everyday.

Their looks are unusual, not at all human like.  They frequently try to communicate with us.  They are able to communicate with  others of their own kind, but usually not us.

We worry about them capturing us and experimenting on us; but we do it to them.  We wonder what they think of us?

We are curious about what it would be like to be in their bodies and what it would be like to have the special talents they have.  We think of ourselves as vastly superior to them and assign them second class citizenship if we think of them at all as humanlike.

If I were an alien in outer space and thinking about coming to earth, I think I would be hesitant to do so because of how we treat the aliens who are already on earth.

Who are these aliens here on earth?  They are our animal friends and companions.  They have been hunted almost to extinction and crowded out of the environments they need for survival by encroaching civilizations.  If we can’t tolerate and coexist with our these creatures who are alien to us here on earth because we don’t know and understand them, how can we relate and co exist with aliens from outer space?


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