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Am I Better Than You?

achievementAm I better than you?  Competition is what it is all about.  Our society is all about winning and losing.  Some people give up before they start because the perceived competition out there is so overwhelming.  Worse yet, even when you don’t want to compete, someone else might enter you in the competition.  This is often true about children and their parents.

Yes, you should do your best; but you should enjoy yourself doing it.  I learned this lesson early; but it didn’t hurt me.  I was almost always picked last for the pickup ballgames in the schoolyard; but I still enjoyed playing.  Winning was not so much on my mind then.

“Whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game,” is a famous quote.  Do you agree with it?  It is like seasoning something you are cooking.  Too much salt, too little salt, too much pepper, too little pepper, or too much sugar, too little sugar.  In our society, we sometimes don’t want anyone to lose so everybody wins.  What should the emphasis be on?

Or are you so competitive that everything you do is a contest?  I was that way in my classes in school.  It even spread over to my life outside of school.  Every time a party I attended played games; I wanted to win every time.  Did that make me a spoil sport?  Did that take the pleasure of playing the games away from everyone else who didn’t win?

Even if I am better than you, I shouldn’t gloat.  Making people feel bad in this way may eventually drive them away.  Remember the song, “I can do anything better than you?”  Plus the strengths, talents, and abilities that our society admires are not always what is needed to solve the world’s problems or fix society’s faults.

Aren’t you excited when somebody on a reality show makes a fabulous find of something previously undiscovered.  Who knows that when it comes to other people and even ourselves what hidden things we might have that might better ourselves and/or others.,

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