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Anxiety - Stress ... Time management vital for...

Anxiety - Stress ... Time management vital for finals -- cancel your Netflix subscription (7:45 PM, Nov. 28, 2012) ...item 2b.. Muddy Waters - After The Rain - Full Album (1969) ... (Photo credit: marsmet481)

Do you find somethings hard to deal with in life because you get anxious when you think about them?  These things don’t inherently make you anxious.  Something had to happen that was associated with them which taught you to be anxious when you have to do something with them.

Money, I thought, was dealt with constructively in my family growing up.  When my mother shopped, she always had a budget to follow even if that meant she didn’t get some things that she wanted that week.  My parents also got around the dining room table to pay the big bills together once a month.  Oh, yes there were some arguments when my dad would help his family (mother, brothers, and sisters) out and my mom was worried that we didn’t have the money to do that and that it wouldn’t get paid back.  I never did without when it came to the important things and I always had three hots and a cot (just joking).  Also in those days, there weren’t the TV advertisements that we have now that create desires for things we think everybody should have.

You get your first sense of security in your family of origin.  It is there that your needs are met or not met.  Although my parents were very practical about money and we never did without that I can remember, still there was some anxiety about the whole subject.  The great depression had just ended and it had had to have made an impression on almost everybody who experienced it.  We didn’t have a welfare state and family members were expected to help out family members in need.

Dealing with money still makes me anxious and I would avoid bill paying if I could, but I have learned through experience that not dealing with something can make for even bigger problems in the long run.  I keep a much closer track of my money than I used to.  Even with these better money handling habits,  I still get antsy about dealing with it.

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