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Photo of a slice of coconut cream pie. Taken a...

Photo of a slice of coconut cream pie. Taken at the Golden Nugget Restaurant, Chicago, Ill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So many things once thought useless have been found to be invaluable.  The world is fearfully and wonderfully made.  It is like brussel sprouts which you might not like and somebody else finds delicious.  There is even the possibility that sometime in your life you might change your mind.  I did about coconut.  Initially I would scrape off coconut on top of cakes and when I bit into a chocolate from a box of candies and found I had gotten one with coconut inside, I would spit it out.  Then I discovered German chocolate cake with pecans and coconut flakes in the frosting and creamy coconut spread from Florida.  Now I will even eat one slice of coconut cream pie.  Basically I have found I like coconut flavor, not so much coconut in the form of flakes.  Give yourself a chance, give someone else a chance, the world comes in a lot of flavors.  You may be missing something.

Don’t say I’ll  never or you might have to eat your words.  I said I would never work in a nursing home or with the mentally retarded.  Guess what happened?  I had to eat my words.  I was afraid of death after an unfortunate experience as a child and then I wound up helping lay someone out who had died where I worked and visiting the embalming room of a funeral home.


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