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As You Get Older, You Get Wiser If You Are Flexible Enough

I am older; but I have yet not completely grown up nor am I set in my ways.  You can always learn something.  At this time, in this society, knowledge is growing by leaps and bounds.  What we once thought true is not necessarily true now.  Join me in this fascinating journey as I make my way into the future.  Sometimes these people are even married to each other.

Yes, sometimes I learn things now I wish I had known and used when I was younger.  Most people experience some bumps in the road in their marriage when they retire.  I did and still am.  That doesn’t mean you can teach old dogs new tricks I hope.  I am still adding to my self-help book collection.  Even if on my social security. I have to find them at thrift stores.

I hope I am  better grandparent than I was a parent and there always room for improvement in my relationships with my children and their spouses.  We don’t have to necessarily fall back into old patterns of relationships and fight the same battles over and over.

(To Be Continued)



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