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Before The Time Is Up, Use It Wisely

Can You Beat The Clock? 

Time is like money.  It is something you can spend wisely or foolishly.  It belongs to you and it is like you have your own bank account except if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Pretend then that it is your money and what will you do with it?  When you procrastinate or sleep on the job, you misuse it.  Sleep itself is not bad but there is a time and a place for it.  We all need 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day.  Mindlessly watching TV or checking your texts or social media can be addicting and before you know it you can have an addiction problem and may be no better than an alcoholic.

Achievement is important in the use of time.  Think of it as something you can use to accomplish something.  I don’t know about you, but things talk to me when I see things that need to be done.  It adds to my mind clutter.  Worrying about doing something rather than doing it.  Arguing with yourself about why somebody else should do it, not you.  These things are a waste 0f precious time and shouldn’t be left attracting your attention.  Right now my kitchen floor is reminding me that it is past time to be mopped.  I can sweep it, but not mop it what is stopping me from doing the former when I can’t do the latter.  That mop bucket full of water is impossible for me to lift, but I can push a broom and I have a dust pan with a handle.

If you goof off, do it well.  It is not wrong to enjoy something like a TV show or a newspaper, but don’t stay glued to the TV when something you wanted to watch is over.  Us senior citizens often fall asleep.  Time passes quickly when you are having fun or when you sleep through something.

Life is like a box of chocolates.  Delicious to eat but they are quickly gone if you can’t help yourself from eating them all at once.  Sometimes you concentrate on the “delicious” things to do and avoid the things you consider boring or useless, but they can make life unpleasant if you have to pay for them later like avoiding flushing the stool after having your morning B. M.

Once I shared a bathroom with a girl who was also renting a room there.  We did not speak and I hardly ever saw her.  Until she got drunk (I think) and threw up all over the stool and the floor in our shared bathroom.  I waited for her to clean it but I couldn’t ignore it as the facilities were unusable until I gave in and cleaned them up no matter how icky and stinky they were. like this that you put off only get worse over time.  Things like this that you put off only get worse over time.

There is nothing wrong with time off if you use it wisely because before you know it, it will be gone.  Some people use up vacation and sick days when they get them.  Then they are bankrupt when it comes to time off.  Some people save them for a major illness or extra money when they retire and get reimbursed for them.  It really is your time, not theirs.  I am going to use mine right now to take a break for lunch which I plan to enjoy before I get back to work and finish this.

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