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death and dying

What A Way To Go!

Paradise: Ascent of the Blessed

Paradise: Ascent of the Blessed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leaving this world happens in many ways.  Sudden death with unresolved issues is one of the worst.  Along with this is any anticipated death with unresolved issues that the dying person doesn’t get to deal with before they die, maybe because they are dying alone.  But when we keep in mind the needs of the dying, we can help them even if we are not family or close friends.  The person or persons who keep those who are near death company provide more than a needed service, they give of themselves.

A friend of mine has been taking the time to go and visit her friend’s mother in the hospital.  Both her friend’s mother and her friend’s husband are terminally ill and her friend can’t be with both people at once.  My friend’s husband is unhappy with her spending so much time with her friend’s mother.  Don’t you think she is providing a priceless gift of service to her friend and her friend’s mother?

When people are at the end of their life, they have to deal with so many challenges and are often neglected for patients who have a better prognosis.  Yes, we have the hospice movement, but there are people who fall through the gaps.  Have you read the story about a nursing home who had a cat that would come to a patient’s room when they were near death and stay with them.





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