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Taste of Milano 2012

Taste of Milano 2012 (Photo credit: br1dotcom)

You might think it strange that I am talking about food.  However, psychology covers all of human behavior and that includes eating.  I just noticed something.  The first few bites of food usually taste great and you think that you want to eat some more of that and some more of that; but suddenly it doesn’t taste as good.  The taste is not as intense and you keep on eating trying to discover that first magical taste again and it doesn’t work.  I am not a foodie but now I think know why in gourmet meals that sorbet is served between courses to refresh the palate.  The same thing is true for me with candy.  I love dark chocolate truffles, but the last few don’t taste as good as the first few.  I think that the taste buds satiate rather quickly and some or all of the experience is lost.  What do you think?  This may be why at fine restaurants servings are small, even dainty, and why there are several different courses to a meal.  Could knowing this help you lose weight?  Maybe.  Once you know that the initial enjoyment is in the first few bites, why gorge yourself as that won’t make it any better, it may make it even less satisfying.  Thought for the day.

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