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Stay Involved, Don’t Opt Out

rp_Feelings.jpgSocial interaction is crucial to children learning language.  Watching a video or listening to an auditory version is not enough.  Are children becoming autistic because people in our world are becoming less and less involved?  What about a good old fashioned conversation or a satisfying read?  Being unable to interact with others is a very real problem and I can see the day when children have virtual play dates?  How removed from reality is this?  Will we all sit home and rely on clouds and the internet to keep us in touch?  Will the ethers be doing our talking?  It will no longer be necessary to read or write as computers will communicate for us just by talking and ultimately will thoughts and images not words be used to share ideas?

 rp_2269499855_31a018a8f6_m.jpg This just started out as a blog about how children need human contact to learn and ultimately to thrive.  Scarey isn’t it?  For example, someday people will not sign their names, not just because they did not learn cursive writing; but because reading and writing are no longer considered necessary.  We have done this since the dawn of the machine age and eliminating the human factor in creating things that we need and use.  Is it possible we are also eliminating the good vibrations that many skilled, dedicated craftsmen and craftswomen put into their work.

Flowers Versus Weeds. How Were You Raised? What Are You Raising?

rp_8150559597_f6b72c73b6_m.jpgIt all depends on your point of view.
The problem is that in your garden you may have been taught to see certain plants as weeds and which should be “weeded” out and others as flowers which should be cultivated.  Many people when they plant their gardens expect to get flowers but the truth is that when you plant a seed, you may get not get what you expected which is someone like you and you don’t know how to cultivate them.  How do you handle this mystery seed as a disappointment or as a wonderful new discovery  if you got what you were hoping for.  Why take it out on the plant, because you have to learn new cultivating  techniques and, for example, provide different amounts of water, different amounts of sunshine or shade, and different kinds and amounts of plant food as well as protection from different types of insect infestation.  Some require  more space than others or grow taller and block the sun getting to other plants and/or your view of them.  You can look on this as a pleasant surprise or as a serious disappointment and/or you might learn new things about growing different “plants”.

rp_300px-Drill.jpgThe famous Kennedy family had their developmentally disabled daughter unsuccessfully operated on to deal with her unconventional behavior and then institutionalized her because they couldn’t cope with her unfortunate behavior changes after surgery and her perceived inability to benefit (they thought) no longer from family life with the other children.  Could she who was seen as an unfortunate weed that needed to be changed been raised successfully (at least for her if not for them) in the in the Kennedy family compound? They felt that they couldn’t cope with her behavior and poor ability to comprehend and benefit from what was going on around her.  It was an unfortunate decision and at the time, they didn’t know that the operation would not help her, but injury her further.

Did you get what you individually needed to grow and flourish as the flower that you actually  were or were you treated unfortunately as an unwanted weed? Also what were your parents considered to be by their parents, teachers, and even peers?  Flowers or weeds? and how were they raised? you-are-exactly-who-you-are-suppose-to-beTaking account of the differences as well as the similarities is important in raising your own off spring or the children you have contact with, students, nieces and nephews,  etc. .  Consider such happenings  as a pleasant  surprise and  as a splendid way to learn new things and see life from a different point of view and not as dealing with an unwanted pest and, at best, as at least an inconvenience to have such a child and set them the child up for the rest of his or her life to be seen as a failure or to be at the least second best when compared with a sibling or or siblings who might more meet your expectations and fit your style of dealing with life itself.

Disgusting Things Like Insects

Disgusting things like insects used to freak me out.  What’s disgusting?  From an objective point of view nothing is disgusting  Take a look around.  What were you taught that was uky?  Taking this idea even further, what is beautiful?  If you love something, isn’t it beautiful?  Everything is made of atoms and you can break that down even farther into vibrations.  What is good or bad about vibrations?  I guess nothing unless they can hurt living things, you, me, the trees, the animals etc.

Where did this idea about writing about disgusting things come from? I had a dream about bugs last night.  Different kinds of bugs had gotten into something I was using and, in my dream, I and other people were  picking them out.  Do you realize that there are all different kinds of bugs and they are marvels of engineering.  Can you see beauty in bugs?  Well, what if you were taught how to see it when you were a child.  My initial reaction to insects has been ick, except for butterflies, moths, lady bugs, and dragon flies.  They are marvelous miniature creations  of nature and they can do somethings we can’t do.  Have you ever spun a web?

More disgusting things.  Getting a little more gruesome, some animal (probably a cat) had left a grayish glob of what looked like guts and worms on my porch.  Since, I have small grandchildren that play out there, I wanted to get it and throw it away so they couldn’t get in to it.  Well, I cheated , my son happened to have a rubber glove in his pocket so he picked it up and threw it over the railing.  I, however, didn’t have an

English: A diagram of the anatomy of the Cocci...

English: A diagram of the anatomy of the Coccinellidae (ladybug). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

apoplectic fit like I might have had in the past.

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