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Help Yourself To The Smorgasbord of Life

It is time to help yourself to the smorgasbord of life.  There now is so much information out there that you can use to help yourself have a better life.  Self-Help books have multplied geometrically.  More and more people are investigating the spiritual realm whether it is the one that they were born into or one that they adopted when they were older.  This kind of knowledge was once hidden and/or people were discouraged from pursuing it on their own.

Knowledge of this universe and how it works can only help you manifest what you want out of life for yourself or others.  Often you hear people saying, “I can’t help myself” when asked why they are not getting ahead and/or don’t know what they want out of life.rp_The_Meaning_of_Life_with_Gay_Byrne.jpg

All knowledge is built on knowledge previously attained and assimilated.  Every discovery that leads a person on to new fields rings an imaginary chime in the person head and often affirms an idea or belief that the person was already contemplating.

In the smorgasbord of life, you only take what you need and help yourself to whatever tempting dish calls to you.  In a real life smorgasbord,  I might choose herring in sour cream or wine sauce.  You, however, might not touch it and may even be repulsed by it.  Remember to avoid temptation when it calls for you to hurt yourself or someone else.

If-your-inner-voice-canThere are so many new techniques of self-discovery perpetuated by modern day psychology;  meditation and mindfulness are just two of them. Old standards are relaxation techniques and hypnosis.   Should we save such techniques for people who are having serious mental health problems or should we teach them and encourage their use by everyone to help them feel better and succeed in life.  When the pupil is ready the teacher will come.  Be realistic and find a reliable qualified practitioner.

There has been the scientific verification of things in psychology that we either didn’t know could happen or couldn’t prove if we suspected that they might happen.  The formation of crystals when water was frozen was effected by the positive or negative nature (the vibrations) of  the words that labeled the water’s containers.  When they were positive , the crystals were beautiful and well formed under the microscope; but just the opposite happened when they were negative.  It was difficult or almost impossible for the water to form stable crystals when the words were negative.

It is also shameful that much has been learned in psychology as a science that could help us to raise people from children to adults with fewer problems in behavior, thinking, and relationships.  In the name of freedom, we are not allowed to tamper with how and why children are conceived, who can have them, and how they are raised.

Many children are raised with parents who are poor examples of how to behave and in less than optimal circumstances especially when parents or caregivers decide not to use their available resources (time? money?) on the children.  If there are problems, parents can determine that nothing will be done about them.  In psychotherapy later in adulthood how much time is spent undoing what went wrong in childhood?children-innervoicejpg

Atmosphere is important.  Children, even babies can sense when an adults, words, facial expression, behavior, or gestures do not match.  However, the adult often tells the child who sense this that they are wrong because the adult does not want the child to not trust them.

There are resources out there and they can be found in many places.  People and groups of people who share the same beliefs involving respect for all life, determination to do the most good for the most living beings, and love for all provide these kind of resources.

Time On My Hands. I paid The Price.

Time is a Tickin'

Time is a Tickin’ (Photo credit: im elsewhere)

This being under the weather sucks.  Everyone thinks you have time on your hands when what you actually do is get behind and have to pay the piper.  Nothing gets done without your presence and when you do return, they clamor for your attention.

I was recovering quite well when I decided to help my 2 1/2 yr. old grandson get in my lap after an absence of over two weeks due to my “bad” cold  (You don’t always tell the whole truth to two year olds.).   I strained some muscles in my neck and back.  Well, one step forward, one step back.  This left me not able to turn my head or bend my neck to look at things.  (Actually I could do this but the price in terms of pain was too high.)  Indirectly, this kept me from typing too.


Insomnia (Photo credit: schnappischnap)

The other price I paid for being sick was not being able to get any sleep.  In the first place, I couldn’t stop coughing long enough to fall asleep.  In the second place, if I tried to get comfortable in bed, I set off a muscle spasm.  It hurt to get into bed and it hurt even more to get out of bed.  When I got out of bed, I was extremely stiff and could hardly move a muscle.

P.S.: I am not kidding even though it is April Fools Day.

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Teaching Yourself

Saarbrücken, HTW, Mathematics Workshop

Saarbrücken, HTW, Mathematics Workshop (Photo credit: flgr)

When I was in school I was expected to learn how to do something and to master this skill on my own.  There was no teacher utilizing a method of instructing in math or reading.   Tutoring and such additional help is common today but was only used then in extreme cases where the student couldn’t master the subject.  If they were given extra help in class, the  rest of the class would fall behind.  Memorization skills  and good handwriting were expected and competitions were held in these areas with winners and losers.  To the gifted student, it was motivating and now we know it created  brains filled with much knowledge and good problem solving skills.

Such students still exist.  My son and I both figure out how to do math problems on our own.  I never was very good at helping with the “new” math homework when my kids were in school.  Surprisingly I took advanced math classes in high school and did well; but calculus was never offered.  I never did master calculus but I memorized derivations in graduate school when calculus was used in statistics class.

Computer Basics Class

Computer Basics Class (Photo credit: taylor library)

When methods are used to teach math, they often do not “click” with every student.  This is like with using the computer.  You need often to figure it out for yourself and when someone else teaches you, they teach you their way which may or may not work for you.  Everyone’s wiring is different and what works for one person may not work for another person.  There are many different ways to do things on the computer and how something is done in one program may not be the way something is done in another.  Frequently programs on the computer assume that you will already know something and skip explaining this step.  If you already know how some things are ordinarily done on the computer, you may be able to almost automatically fill in the missing step while a novice won’t be able to do this.

Assuming that somebody knows something or knows how to do something may make somebody look like an “ass” whether it is you or the other person depends on who determines the winner of the argument you or the other person.  I frequently find this a problem with men who feel that if you can’t convince them of something that you are automatically wrong.  Who determines the winner is the problem here.  As a result, I refuse to participate in such arguments.


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