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Gain a new perspective.  Look at things from other people’s point of view.  Due to modern technology, our neighborhood has expanded  from our local area to the world to the universe.  What seems comfortable to us, may not seem comfortable to others far away from here.  The internet and the social networks have made this possible.  I have friends in Australia, England, and India as well as the west coast.  What seems like a good idea to us, may not seem like one to others.

If we continue to view things from only our point of view,  we maybe out of sync with the rest of the world.  With a global economy, things that happen far away can effect us at home.
Farmers are now paying attention to what is happening in other countries as this might effect prices gotten for agricultural products here.  Some have even moved to South America to do business there.

Close to home, adopting another family member’s stance might lead to reconciliation.  How often are adults’ ideas of appropriate behavior a poor match to what is really going on in a child’s mind.  How we can ignore what will eventually effect us.  I don’t know.  Not only do we need to know ourselves and how we see the world, but also we need the same information about others if we are going to work with them effectively.  How many work place conflicts could be resolved if we did this.

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