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Clouds In Your Life

Worry, fear, blame, criticism, all these things, as well as others taking a negative point of view, can cloud your life in doom, gloom. rage, and depression.  As long as you let other people and other things cause you problems, you will lose control of how you feel about your life.  I have been there and I still go back there every now and then and sometimes more frequently than that.  Do you often think, “If only….” then I would be happy, feel safe, feel loved, be secure, be proud of myself…  You let your attitude depend on other things over which you do not have much control and you tend to lose control of your feelings.

In this world we live in in these United States, it is easy to think this way because the media, some of the people we have around us, and society itself tends to lean this way.  If we look outside our country, the news usually isn’t any better.  It is often worse.   As a result we often feel helpless.  We don’t realize that there is any other way to think or view life. There are or were some isolated societies like the aborigines in Australia who have or had some life philosophies and cultural beliefs that go or went with happier lifestyles.  Also some people have family, a religious community, or friends that think differently and offer support to help them develop and keep a better outlook on life.


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