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Competition Can Be Good For You!

Checking out your competition can be good for you and discovering what your competition can do for you and what you can learn from your competition is a good idea.  Just think how many good conversations you could have with somebody who knows as much or more than you do.  It could be stimulating and productive.  It might even result in joint effort on a new project.  Your competion could become your best friends and working companions.

We fear that we might look bad when compared to or lose out when we meet our competition.  Surprise! Some people even like honest competition.  Competitors can become supportive friends.  We know this is true of lawyers.

Really knowing and appreciating your competition can be really valuable.  Just think what you might find out and what things you might learn that you didn’t know before.  Don’t be scared by your competition; really worthwhile opponents really want to know the people smart enough to be their competition.  Some people also can’t stand fools who only want to use what they know and what they can do because they can’t compete at the same level.  You and your competition CAN become friends and learn to appreciate each other.

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