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Whenever there are two opposing views in a household, they often become more pronounced.  The skinflint becomes stingier; the spendthrift spends more.  In the odd couple, the neatnik became more of a perfectionist and the slob became messier.  It is obvious that nobody wins in these situations.  Or is it?  Maybe I am wrong about that.  It seems that the spendthrift and the slob have an edge over the skinflint and the neatnik.  The spendthrift can total the budget and the slob can wreck the house and leave their opposing partners out in the cold.  This can generate a lot of unhappiness and make the differences among people even more extreme.

Conversations which initially involved a discussion about differing points of view can turn into arguments.   Why do we feel that we have to make everybody else believe like we do?  As I have said before, men seem to do this more than women do or is that just because I am a woman.  Freedom of speech and freedom of religion allow people to say and believe what they want to say and believe.

Why do people feel that they have to control what others feel or say?  Is it that they fear that if they don’t then their right to express themselves and modify their environment is impinged upon.  Certainly in our society there has to be some control over behavior like who goes first at a four way stop.   Yet, what is the harm in holding to a personal belief if you don’t force it on others.  Some people don’t just want their own way in a dispute, they want to be right too!

English: Minerva as a symbol of enlightened wi...

English: Minerva as a symbol of enlightened wisdom protects the believers of all religions (Daniel Chodowiecki, 1791) Deutsch: Die aufgeklärte Weisheit als Minerva schützt die Gläubigen aller Religionen, Daniel Chodowiecki, 1791 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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