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Constructive? Worrying! Part Three

Resolution - better time management

Sometimes we worry constantly about a task we have left undone, but have not managed to tackle.  This has to do sometimes with problems we have in making decisions.  This is very true about something we have put off many times or have procrastinated on.  Sometimes you should let something go and this releases energy to do other things.  A person had medical insurance and he had to save his receipts and fill out his own insurance forms and file them to get reimbursed.  This wasn’t done by the doctor’s office.  This was such an onerous task for this person that he had quite a bit of money tied up in this; but by this time all the paperwork involved seemed enormous and almost impossible to do because so much time had passed.  It was suggested to this person that within a certain amount of time this mound of paperwork should be tackled and if it wasn’t, it should be thrown away and forgotten.  Guess what he did?  He did it.  The arbitrary deadline worked.

Sometimes we fill our minds with worrying thoughts of things we should do as things remind us of them.  There are two things you can do to stop worrying about them.  One is to make a list of these things perhaps on a dry erase board where you can see them and check them when you have time to do them.  Also it is nice to be able to cross these things off the list so you can see what you have accomplished.  Another thing you could do is to do things the first time you are reminded of them.  We have a lot of thoughts often uselessly running around in our heads about things that need to be done but we put them off and thus waste time thinking of things we don’t do.  It is better to do things when we think of them and thus we can forget about them and put our minds on something else.  This is not always practical, but it is useful when picking up the house or getting organized to leave  to do errands.  It is better for the mind to do things when you think of them as it gives you a strong feeling of accomplishment.

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