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Constructive? Worrying! Part Two

Don't Worry (Modern Talking song)

Another way to worry constructively, is to break problems down into parts, things that you can do something about and things you can do nothing about.  For example, if you are worried about natural disasters, there are things you can prepare for and things you can’t prepare for.  There are things you have control over and things you don’t have control over.  Sometimes we worry so much about things that we are surprised when they actually do happen and don’t meet our drastic expectations that we had when we were worrying about them.

We often are aware of something that is probably going to cause a future problem such as the amount of mileage on your current set of tires.  Wouldn’t be better to find out from a place that sells tires how many miles you can expect to get on your current set and when you should think about replacing them than to worry needlessly about a set of tires that are not nearly worn out yet.   You can check your mileage and when you get closer to the maximum mileage for your tires you can plan your budget to take care of this upcoming expense.

I have set dates or times for when I am going to worry about something and I tell myself that there is nothing I can do about the problem til then. It is as simple as being concerned about a family member who has gone out for the evening. Depending on their age, you mentally set a time for when they should reasonably be home and maybe add another half hour or even an hour to that time for a cushion. This leaves room for something to happen that was unexpected that would cause the person to be later than you expected them to be.



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