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Constructive? Worrying! Part one


A lot of the worrying that people do is not constructive; it is destructive.  Here are some tips to help you worry better.  One problem many people have is that they don’t schedule their worrying.  There are two ways to do that.  One is set aside a time period during the day when you basically are going to do all your worrying.  Let’s say twenty minutes every evening before bed or when you first get home from work before you start to do anything.  Keep a small notebook or notepad (even a used envelope) and when your worries pop up during the day write them down so you can remember them to worry about them later.  Remember no worrying any other time just when it is scheduled.  Keeping a worry list makes sure that you don’t forget about something very important.

Another thing you can do is have a time table for when you are going to worry about what.  This is useful in school, it is useful in business, and useful in running a house.  Many things have deadlines by which time they have to be done.   I often put off off worrying about some things until sometime in the future because there usually are other things that are more important to be done now.  This is true for me about taxes.  Since I won’t have all the information that I need until the year is over and necessary tax papers are sent out in January, I gear up for taxes after the Christmas rush is over.  Yes, I am careful to put necessary receipts and other papers in a safe place where I can find them when I need them later.  But for me, the time when I am working on my Christmas card list or getting the Christmas tree up is not tax time.  I also wait and schedule my tax appointment in the new year early enough so I can get one not too early and not too late.  Either way it would put extra pressure on me.  An early appointment means I have to get my tax stuff together sooner than I would like and later would mean I would be doing stuff at the last minute.


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