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Control Freak

control freak

control freak (Photo credit: h4cks)

Some things can’t be controlled, but a true control freak will rant and rave over it anyway.  For example, I once shared a hotel room with a snorer and I couldn’t fall asleep so I went into the bathroom, closed the door, and read a magazine.  That didn’t suit the snorer when she woke up and found what I had done.  Guess who was in trouble? Definitely not the snorer.  Me.  How irrational is that?  I was between a rock and a hard place.  There was nothing I could do to please her, except lay down in bed and pretend to be asleep which I had already tried doing.

Control freaks want to control what the other person feels, thinks and does and what the world does too.  This happens even if something unexpected and unavoidable happens.  Then they go off the deep end, generally taking with them as many people as possible.  Once you have had this experience going along for the ride, you will never forget it.

Drama queens are usually control freaks.  They can make a big deal about something when there is no need to do it.  It is all about them and how they feel and what they want.   Nobody elses’s  wishes or feelings matter.  There is usually nothing to make a fuss about, but they find something.  Sometimes they even brag about it saying something like, “I always get my way.”

I am not encouraging everybody else to give in to the control freak.  Your feelings and wishes count too.  It is just that the control freak just takes it for granted that nobody elses’ wants and desires matter.  They have center stage and they won’t give it up.

Have you ever been in a situation where a person is understandably upset and it  is plain that something needs to be done for that person immediately and everyone pitches in but the drama queen who makes it all about him or her.  The situation makes him or her so upset that sometimes people will stop helping the person who needs it and pay attention to him or her and do what he or she “needs” to have done.  For example, by saying, ” I can’t stand the sight of blood,” and saying that he or she is going to faint.  The person who is injured and bleeding gets the attention taken away from them and it goes to the other person.

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