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Conversion Reaction And Bipolar Disorder

.This seems to be an odd combination, but it seems to have appeared in me. It seems to me that I don’t want it to happen, but it does. It happens when I most need to be independent. Conversion reactions are a physical reaction that happens and it handicaps the person it affects. It could be hysterical blindness or a person becomes deaf or incredibly weak. The person affected is panicked by the sudden handicap and does not immediately appear to receive any benefit from the physical problems A person can even become mute. I develop a sudden weakness which leaves me liable for injury from a fall.

The only benefit that I might receive is help. I feel helpless and fear that I might injure myself. This situation is incredibly dangerous and doesn’t seem to benefit me at all. The only explanation I might have is the lack of help around the house when I do things that are scary and/or painful without any help from someone else. When these incidents happen in front of someone else, I get help even though I am scared at the same time.

I don’t think that this combination of bipolar disorder and conversion reaction is very common in persons with bipolar disorder like I have. When I get weak I get very panicky. I am very afraid that I will fall. I want a wheelchair for safety. Honestly I have fallen and hurt myself so there is a reason why I would be very afraid. Those with conversion reactions like have may be avoiding the fear of falling. However, persons with conversion reaction are usually may be seeking a =ttention and not so much being afraid of falling.

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