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Depressed People, Fragile? Or Dangerous? Or An Easy Target?

Did you know that depressed people can be very rageful; but don’t feel that they can get it out or let it out.  To hate yourself so very much that you feel that you should die like Jesus so somebody else (anybody else) could be saved.  Depression is exceedingly complex and the depressed person is exceedingly perplexed.  To die; but at the same time to get revenge by taking somebody else with you either someone you hate or someone you love. People who have not been depressed, don’t understand this and never will unless or until they have been on the dark side.

Adolescents’ egos are very fragile and what they feel at the moment can be so overwhelming that they may kill themselves and make the biggest mistake of their lives.  They can be so humiliated that they can’t face other people if the other people find out how they have been humiliated.  They don’t expect support and/or understanding just humiliation and defeat.  It really doesn’t help if other people know this can happen and use it to humiliate them.  The part of the brain that considers long-term consequences is not fully developed yet in adolescents and even in some young adults.

My ex sent me a Christmas card (like one we had sent out the Christmas after we were married)  after he had gotten remarried less than a year after we got divorced.  No, I was not married at the time; but I did express my anger in a somewhat more appropriate way by throwing darts at the card and destroying it, not myself.  Thank God, I no longer was an adolescent or a very young adult at the time.

P.S. :  I don’t recommend that anybody get remarried less than two years after they break up with someone or lose someone.  One should not make any changes that they can not undo either during this period of time.  I know of widows who have done this and regretted it.  There is a strong desire not to have to live alone and one’s ability to make such an important decision may be impaired.  Some people know this and take advantage of someone in this situation especially if there is something to gain by making this liaison.

P.P.S.:  WARNING IF YOU NOTICE ANY OF THESE THINGS HAPPENING EITHER WITH YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE, SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY!  Call your local suicide prevention service hotline, local mental health center emergency number, local hospital emergency  room number or immediately go to the emergency room.  Call 911 to get emergency information on who to contact or where to go for help.



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