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Developing Your Mind By Reading


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Dramas and stories have almost disappeared on radios.  Those of us who listened to them in the past can remember using our imaginations to fill in the missing gaps left by the lack of visual clues.  Going even farther back and racing ahead into the future, reading improves the mind and exercises our skills of imagination and visualization.  Other books make us think.  They might explain a great deal about a given topic but still leave out some links which the reader must create in order to understand what is being conveyed.

Also I can read faster than I can listen to an audio book or watch a DVD.  I actually get antsy when I have to do this.  I don’t speed read; but I understand that this can be even faster.  The only other thing that can do this is hypnosis and I have experienced that.  Time can speed up or slow down and an experience can be even more vivid and realistic than a photo or video recording.  When time is speeded up incidents taking a much longer amount of time can be reviewed in just a few minutes or even seconds.  And if you have forgotten something, you often can remember it while in a trance.

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