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Dignity and Compromise

Dignity and Shame

Dignity and Shame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can we negotiate something when we are dealing with people who feel hatred toward each other and who want revenge against them because of past hurts. People, who are in this situation, often primarily want to make the other persons feel as bad as possible and to leave them worse off than when they came to the bargaining table.  How can we convince people that you don’t get compromises by putting other people down and that there might be no winner or winners if you do.

People can be very sensitive about certain things and will think that you don’t respect them if you offend them in a sensitive area.  It might require a little humility on your part and a willingness to give into what might seem to be petty demands on the part of the other person in order to be able to negotiate a deal satisfying to both parties.

Usually no situation can be seen objectively  from only one person’s point of view and once we step out of our comfort zone where we are with people with the same background, religion, culture and/or (dare I say these words) race or sexual orientation, we can be very narrow-minded and/or uncomfortable when we need to respect standards and experience conditions different from our own.  It can be as simple as taking your shoes off when you enter a home.  What seems to be an affront to their dignity for one person might not upset another person at all.  This is why people who are in international businesses or politics, have to be very skilled in diplomacy.




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