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Discovering NegativeThoughts that Hold You Back.

Do you have unwanted thoughts that you know aren’t true or that are not helping you get ahead in the world?  Do you even know you have them?  We sometimes think these ideas are impossible to change.  Or even worse that they are the truth.  We often get these ideas from family and friends.  They may think that they are doing something good for you and that it will force you to change something that they don’t like about you.  Make up your own mind!  Don’t let others do it for you.

These thoughts usually dwell in the subconscious or unconscious and that makes it hard to access them to change them.  Clinical psychologists sometimes use projective tests to access them.   For example, a person might be asked to draw their family and him or herself in color with everybody doing something, and no stick figures.  This test is not to measure artistic talent. but to find out how we think about ourselves and our family.  The test can be strikingly revealing when interpreted by someone who has had a lot of experience with the test and is educated in its use.

Another way to access these thoughts is group therapy. Members of a group can give a person feedback on what they say about themselves and how they act in front of other people. People in a group led by a qualified therapist are encouraged to tell the truth as they see it. They are always cautioned about talking about what they say in a group or what they hear others say. People do not feel free to talk in a group unless they know it is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the group unless they want to and it is only about themselves. The group leader, who should be a qualified mental health professional, enforces these rules, protects members from opening up too quickly and from being given damaging feedback without support from him or her self and others, gives members insights about how they see themselves and others see them, etc.

Hypnosis can be used to go back in childhood with someone and help them remember significant experiences. Hypnosis is a way of finding material hidden in the subconscious or unconscious. It may also help explain why and how certain material was retained from childhood or from traumatic experiences as an adult and how it effected a person.

New learning experiences may be created for people with negative thoughts which seriously effect their life. When dealing with the subconscious or unconscious, it is best to go by certain rules. This will be discussed in the future.


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