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Disruptive Children in Public Part II

Mother and child in a "Presto" groce...

Mother and child in a "Presto" grocery store, 1970s. Glenrothes, Fife. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another problem is going out with children to the store and having more kids than you can handle.  Remember Children and Family Services will take away your kids if you leave them in the car while you shop.  It doesn’t matter how long you leave them, whether the car is locked, or  whether the child or children are asleep.  It helps if a grandparent comes along so they can stay in the car with the children or help the mother (usually it is the mother) wrangle the kids in the store.  I had three, close in age, and when they were small I would take them with me to the grocery store after church where they were supposed to be good and not make demands on mother for things they couldn’t have.  This did not count the fun that I had getting them ready for church which usually resulted in at least one of us having to change clothes a second time.

From my experience, the longer the period of time since the person had children at home, the less tolerant they were of this kind of situation.  Also the longer the time had passed since that occurred, the memories of their children’s behavior became more and more exemplary.

Disciplining children in public is not a sideshow, but sometimes it can become one.  Allowing your children to run loose can be as annoying as their temper tantrums when they are reined in.  If you are easily offended by this type of problem, maybe you ought to join a sect where the members don’t marry and if they do marry, they don’t have children.  There is a close by, historically famous one (which did not survive, because their members died off and they didn’t attract enough people to their sect to take the place of the children that the people in the sect might have had).  Remember someone must discipline, love, and instruct the children if we are going to reproduce and carry on our civilization.

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