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Do You Deserve it?

When it comes to the good things in life, do you deserve them?  When it comes to this, you can over or under do it.  Some people think that they can buy happiness.  Yet, they are never satisfied.  For some people it goes to the point of becoming an addiction and they can never get enough and spend themselves out of house and home.  This may have gotten to the point that there are things in their houses with the price tags still on them.

It may even become a competition between two people in one house.  One sees how much they can save while the other sees how much they can spend.  One is stingy and the other is a spendthrift.  Of course, neither wins.  The more conflict there is over this issue, the more each person becomes set in their ways and the worse the gap is between the two.  It may seem that the one can not stop spending and the other one finds new ways to do without.  Either one may appear to get a charge out of what seem to be opposite behaviors.

It can not just be over money and things, it can be about time.  For example, it can be about who works the most at home or on the job. You have heard about workaholics who take their work with them when they are on vacation.  What about the spouse who never has the time to spend with his or her partner?

Are they being selfish or overly concerned with the opinions of others?  Is there a middle way?  Can you meet some of your own needs so that you are not so dependent on others meeting them for you?  Can you find joy in meeting some of the needs of others without expecting anything in return? Maybe you are going too far in one direction when you should be try going in the other direction for awhile. Stop going without just to make others feel guilty. Do something just for you, you deserve it.


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