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Don’t Do It Begrudgingly If You Can Help It

Miller as Gordon, with Long as Susan and Carol...

Miller as Gordon, with Long as Susan and Caroll Spinney as Oscar the Grouch. Undated publicity photo, likely from 1972. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you often do things, but do them begrudgingly creating hurt feelings in yourself and others?  Doesn’t it seem to take longer when you do this and often it is never done in a timely fashion.  Sometimes we waste more time, not doing a task, then it would take to do the task.  In the end, nobody feels good about it.

Does this start with chores when we are children.  Children sometimes spend more time trying to get out of doing something, than doing it.  Time to do what they want to do is often lost because they stall so long.

Doing something but not having your heart in it can make something more of  a chore than it has to be.  Everyone loves a cheerful giver; but a grump doing the same thing is not appreciated.  What would you rather be Oscar the Grouch or a willing worker?  We all think that we give more than we take, even two people in the same situation will both feel that they give 60% while the other person is only giving 40%.

Honest work is virtuous and builds yourself esteem.  Nobody may see it or know it but you.  Doing is the most important thing, not the end goal.  The means or how you get there is often more important than what you get done in the end.

There is always the chance that you will get taken for granted and only you will know what you did.  What’s in it for me is releasing a thought that I often had in childhood and which has continued into adulthood.   The thought is that I have to do something, I resent it, and I keep putting it off because of that.  I feel no better about it later and have prolonged the time I felt bad about it if I couldn’t let it go..   Get it done, get it out of the way, and don’t waste time thinking about why you shouldn’t have to do something and feeling sorry for yourself.  You are your own judge and you will know what your motivations were and if you did a good job without  complaining.

You can spoil doing something for others by having a bad attitude about it. There are enough things in this world that you can allow yourself to feel bad about without creating new ones.  Bad feelings can make you sick and take the enjoyment out of life.  Why make things worse?

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