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Toddler having a temper tantrum and screaming at her mother. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.Double teaming is a wrestling term I think.  We did it yesterday with our three toddler grandchildren who were over for the day.   I know sometimes you might want to be right and fight with your partner over what the kids ought to be doing, the limits that need to be set, and the punishments that need to be given.

Sometimes I would rather be wrong than right, consistent, instead of inconsistent, and be seen as grumpy than to let the children go hog wild.  The time to disagree with your spouse or the children’s parents may not be now.  Keep a united front.  It is melody to my ears to hear the kids say,” I’m sorry”,”Please, and “Thank you”.  It is not so much that I want to control the kids (let’s be reasonable about the limits we set); or one-up their parents; but I want to see the children grow up with a good attitude.  If you are observant, you can see preschoolers trying out new (not-so-nice) behaviors which if not caught now could multiple in the future.

unrulyboyRemember to adjust your expectations as your children grow.  Also remember, “Monkey see; monkey do.”  Don’t always apply adult motives to childish behavior.  It is more let me see what I can get away with today.  Also they learn divide and conquor very soon in life.  If they can turn being disciplined around into a fight between two adults, they will.

Also the younger the children are are; the more easily distracted they are.  So something may not be as serious as it seems.  Do you ever get ready to follow through with some discipline to notice they have already stopped doing it and have gone on to something else.  Adults some times invest a whole lot of time and energy to handling a potentially bad situation with a children only to find that the whole thing has all blown away and they have gone on to something else in a few short minutes.

4-disciplining-children-450a032108Children can learn to do small, useful tasks if you are consistent and appropriate in asking them to help like throwing their dirty diapers in the trash.  Don’t worry, there will many things that they can’t do for themselves yet.  Children need to show respect not just for adults, but for other children, and for themselves too.


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