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Envy, Jealousy, Covetusness, Greed, Hurt The One Who Suffers From Them

(Post in process…)  How much time is wasted lusting after things we can’t have or lusting after things instead of focusing on the current issues in our lives?  We often do not take enough time to appreciate what we have before we go on to the next thing we want or want and can not have.  Most of us will leave all our possessions behind to be thrown away, broken up, or wasted.  Even the most famous sites preserved, worshiped, and valued monetarily, religiously, or sentimentally can and have been destroyed in a minute.

Sharing is a virtue and it would be my goal to leave a garden, a place of worship, work of art, some words of wisdom, a scientific discovery to be enjoyed by all while I am still here if possible and after I am gone.

How much time do we waste seeing something we want and don’t have?  This makes us feel bad of course.  We can have these feelings every time we are reminded of what we want and don’t have.  Possession and relationships and talents all usually require time and effort to get and to maintain.

You may think gifts, lotto winnings, inheritances, promotions are all things to be greedy about and can build uncomfortable feelings of resentment.We might think, “Why not me?”  I felt that way about an inheritance I did not get from a childless uncle and my brothers got because I was not a boy.

These feelings, when perverted can  lead to heinous crimes.  For example, in the Bible, King David sent his mistress’s husband to the front lines in battle to die so he could have his wife.

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