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Faith, Hope, And Trust

rp_3692285331_9043cf7c46_m.jpgDo you have faith, hope, and trust?  It takes all three to accomplish anything I have discovered.

Faith is often required in religion.  It is a very important requirement in order to support one’s beliefs.  A person is usually requested to have faith before any results have been manifested.

Hope is the second thing needed.  Without hope we would be lost.  If hope is nonexistent then the other two requirements, faith and trust, can not be met.  Why do anything? if there is no hope that it will work.

What about trust?  Trust is one of the basic needs of life.  If an infant’s needs are not consistently met, she can not develop trust in her world.  Then comes hopelessness  The child will never develop faith either.

Ah, you think you are pragmatic and must have proof that something will happen.

Many journeys have been started with just an idea and no idea how to accomplish it.  People have done what once were considered impossible things because they had faith, hope, and trust.






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