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Do you believe what he is saying?

Reading people Is An Important Skill To Have No Matter What Your Age.

I watched the FBI director being interviewed for his current position. He very carefully told the interviewers what they needed to hear. He was not open and he didn’t give a spontaneous answer to anything they asked of him.  A good FBI director would have followed up on things that popped up that required that he would step out and do things that needed to be done no matter how unpopular. He has been safe and careful and in my opinion useless. It was easy to see this happening from how he acted during the interview.

Another thing to watch for is nervousness. The person on your TV screen frequently looks down and away from the camera. The person has nervous gestures like pencil tapping. They may grimace. How comfortable are they with what they are doing? If it is the type of situation where they should feel pressured or upset then it is okay.

When you meet a person that you have just met and they are overly friendly,  does this person have reason to befriend you such as a car salesman or an insurance salesman? You should initially be cautious.  This is especially true if you appear to be lonely or unsure. You can be an easy target for a scam. I can be one. Promises and compliments can manipulate. I was one for a car salesman from whom I bought my first car. He said he needed to borrow $1000 from me. Needless to say, he never paid me back.  From this, it is clear that I can be an easy target for scams. I think that might be part of bipolar disorder which I found out that I have recently.

What you see is not always what you get.  If something appears to be too good; then be careful.  Don’t fall for a person’s line.  Don’t be too needy or quick to accept a proposal.  The person may feel excited for you to accept their offer.  People in sales can become good actors.  They befriend people quickly and easily.  It is always good to go into a sales situation cautiously and carefully try to judge how the person is acting to reacting  Sometimes things are to be too good to be true and they are.  How excited is the person?   Do they have your best interests at heart?  Are they earnest?  Are they too quick to wrap up a deal?  How anxious are they?

Look for nervousness.  Look for a person being too excited about you accepting a deal.  Look for nervous gestures when a person is supposed to be sincere.   Ne careful when it is clear that a person is acting and saying how they are supposed to in a given situation

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