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Freedom From What?

Over the last several years, I have experienced freedom in several areas of my life.  In some cases I did not know that I was not free.  Free from annoying habits, extra weight, using a walker.  It all came as a surprise to me a few months ago although it had been building up for most of my adult life.

I “know” things better.  I am more observant.  I notice things that I used to miss.  I “see” things in life from a different point of view.  The great communication explosion has  helped me to do this by giving me the knowledge and experiences necessary for change.  If you are frightened of changing, you limit yourself to the tried and true but do not embrace the new.

How I used to think of things led me to be unhappy. I realized that I carried these habits and beliefs around like ancient, heavy luggage:  what made me mad; what would make me cry; what I needed, but didn’t have to make me happy.  It was like I was keeping score and things added up and made me miserable.

It is like I have a fresh clean slate and I can erase anything that I write on it that does not work for me.  Happiness is a state of mind when you are free from negativity.  Just because negativity is thrown towards you, you don’t have to hang onto it or throw it back.  Where possible let it go; act like you have an invisible Teflon shield.  You will move a lot easier in this world.  It happened to me.




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