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Do you find yourself under the control of others even when you don’t want to be?  Do you not know what to believe until somebody else tells you what to believe.  Can you not believe what you see with your own eyes if somebody tells you different?  Are your behaviors determined by what will meet the approval of others?  Is doing what someone else wants you to do, a way of making sure that they won’t abandon you?  Have conflicts in the past resulted in the threat of broken relationships?  Are you fearful and insecure about keeping the support of others?

The Gaslight Effect is a book written by Dr. Robin Stern.  The purpose of this book was to help people “learn how to stop letting other people get inside your head, tell you what to think, shake your judgment, sabotage your self-esteem, and make you question your grip on reality.”  This often happens when one person is having an affair, but he or she is denying it to their partner.  Also the more isolated the person being gaslighted is, the more vulnerable he or she is to it.

Unconditional love is the anecdote but it is not as effective after the gaslight effect has occurred as it is if it occurs sometime before, preferably in childhood.

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