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Happy Child, Happy World! The Happy Dance

child-wedding-mainHappy child,  happy world!  Children are naturally happy.  Don’t rain on their parade.  Joking or teasing just to see how flustered and upset a child can get is as a certain toddler would say, “Not nice!”

Keeping children out of certain places just to please certain adults is also “not nice.”  The noise and the possible mess generated by children can be the price to play for their exuberant company.

Attitudes are contagious.  Bad attitudes are contagious in a bad way.  Some people are just “no fun” to be around and yet, we don’t necessarily bar themfrom joyous occassions.  Yet, they can be wet blankets.  When considering including children in the mix of social occassions, don’t let these adult wet blankets spoil your occassion if you are considering not including children only for this reason only.

Children are naturally happy and playful until they come in contact with some adults who don’t appreciate the natural spontinety of children.  These people often legislate to keep children out of places where they the adults congregate.  I agree with this when such a place is no fun for children.

However, maybe we should spread joy and happiness and encourage the presence of children at certain happy occasions like weddings.  I have seen children attending these joyous occasions getting into the spirit of what the day is all about.  This makes it truly a family occasion and the good spirits of children (not necessarily alcohol spirits) can be contagious.  Children love to dance; but it is usually not ballroom dancing;but it might   hip hop or break dancing.

Some of the best wedding receptions I have attended have been where children were present.  I am not crazy.  I know s sometimes babies are happier in quiet surroundings and can voice their displeasure loudly and disrupt things at a ceremony or reception.  Also children can reach their limit earlier than adults and can become cranky and not the life of the party.  This is true in all of life!  Children can be the natural seasoning of the mix of a good time and a family occasion.  A good time can be had by all.  .

Adults who don’t like children around them are no fun and when there are such people around, it is no fun for the children also.  Joy comes from inside you and when you depend on controlling the things that happen outside you to be happy, you are often no fun for yourself or others.  As the song says, “Let it be; let it be.”

Yes, it might stop adults from drinking as much and “ruining their good time”; but children are an example of how you can have a good time without alcohol.  No, I am not a tee totaler, but I have an occasional drink when I am not driving.  There is alcohol in my house when I want it (which is not often).  Just like I don’t drink and drive; I also don’t watch children and imbibe.  Why spoil your fun?  It is your decision if you are over twenty one and whichever decision you make, make it the right one.  Not all people like to be around children all the time.happy dance

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