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Has Someone Ever Hi-Jacked Your Mind? (Malignant Narcisists)

Some people are masters at manipulating your mind.  They don’t care about you, they care about them.  I have had them in my family and in my friends’ families.  It is like watching out for an open bear traps set by these people and once they have gotten you in their grip you might lose your leg.  The most important thing is that they don’t care about you but they take advantage of you caring about them.  (

Some people don’t think the way you think but they can make you think that they do.  When we start to become involved with them, we might think that they think like us and even that they have the same values and standards of behavior.   (More later)  More information in the post where gaslighting is discussed and in the post where M. Scott Peck’s  The People of the lie is discussed.   We don’t want to be bad people and not take these people at their word.  We find out later that what happens is that they don’t keep their word even when we do keep our word.  Sometimes it goes to the point where these people don’t really have any conscience but they can manipulate us to their advantage because we do.

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