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The best person to heal yourself is you because ultimately the one who has to actually do the work is you.  Anybody else is just an adviser (and there are some good advisers out there).  Also a good adviser for one person is not always a good adviser for the next person.   This can be true of other therapists and healers as well, including massage therapists.  Of course, we all often hope that somebody else can heal us and we don’t have to do the work ourselves.

It is often detective work and often we only initially have clues not answers.  Some typical clues are things like dreams.  Dream interpretation is not easy no matter what anybody says and often the meanings of the themes and symbols are often very idiosyncratic and personal.

At the core of this self-discovery are often untruths or what they really are is lies although some people consider them to be merely innocent forms of self-deception, misinterpretations, misperceptions, or “little white lies”.  Uncovering these can be  the source of the most healing truths or experiences  Something initially meant to  protect you can morph into something heinous that molests you, your innocent self.

Maybe that is why journaling sometimes is considered to be so helpful.  Sometimes we can figure things out better by writing about them than we can by talking about them.  We can go over what we have written in our heads and lead an internal dialogue with ourselves that leads to some novel (at least for you at that time) conclusion.  Who would have “thunk it?”   I find it easier to explain myself, what appears to happen to me, and what I perceive as happening to others to an imaginary audience, you.  It also probably doesn’t hurt that I have always been an avid reader as well as a routine writer (and dictator) of reports for other people’s consumption.

Thinking out of the box and learning how to go into a trance or meditate also helps.  A good therapist or teacher can put you in a “learning” trance whether they are legitimately a hypnotist or not.  Altered states of consciousness facilitate learning and problem solving.   Sometimes things are hardwired into your brain like habits and procedure to enable them to operate in your life unconsciously and to keep them from being vulnerable to conscious control.  If you have not learned about hypnosis you ought to investigate the subject from more than one point of view.  Hypnotic suggestions and affirmations can aid in doing this.  They can help change things that have been learned unconsciously.

Metaphysically such self-healing is a life long process (taking place in many lives).  Some people leave this process up to others and don’t decide for themselves what is true or untrue or what is healing or illness creating.  This process is often at the root of cults and religions that demand obedience in return for the truth.  In this lifetime, I have been assisted by Holosync (from Centerpointe) mediation recordings and the material provided by a mystery school. Astara, to complete many levels of spiritual progress.  Don’t be misled by what somebody else may be doing in these areas.  They may look good to you and then you try them and they don’t work for you.  Remember there are different strokes for different folks.

If you ultimately find learning fascinating (which I have learned to do) or have discovered for myself I am constantly amazed at what other people can do and may even take for granted and it seems so marvelous to me.  Life is a 3-D (dimension) (maybe even 4 or 5 D)  ring circus and sometimes you can just sit back and take it all in if you just take your blinders off.  Doing such observation making has taught me to observe, taste, carefully and to realize my talents are not the only ones in this world.  Almost anything a person has learned to do well requires some form of intelligence, creative, emotional, etc. and a person assimilates a body of information and skills that they use to produce an end results that not everyone is capable of doing requiring both innate talent  and developed abilities.

Art, music, acting, carpentry can all teach someone about life and how they feel about it and enhances their ability to benefit from it.  Physician heal yourself.  That’s why there are such things as art, music, drama, and occupational therapy.


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