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Honoring a Relationship

How do you treat your significant other.  Better or worse than you treat yourself?  Do you respect your other half?  Do you say hurtful things about him or her when he or she is not around.  Would you want him or her to do that to you?

Do you leave room for your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife to grow and consequently to change?  Do you expect him or her to let you do it too?

Are you selfish?  Do you value your spouse or friend based on only what they can do for you?  Are you a martyr?  Do you consistently put the other person’s needs and preferences first?

You need to value yourself and your partner as human beings.

You need to do unto others what you would have them do to you.

A relationship needs to be nurtured.  Relationships often get taken for granted and little or nothing is done to promote them.  Even plants need to be watered.  Pets need to be fed.  Have you fed your relationship to day.



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