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Hostility Is Your Own Worse Enemy

rp_7985592878_a18c6ea153_m.jpgHostility is your own worse enemy.  Do you expect the worst of people?  Constantly go around with a chip on your shoulder.  Do you always expect that something bad will happen?  Are you like the cartoon character in the comic strip, “Little Abner,” that went around with a cloud of rain pouring down on his head?  Are doom and gloom your constant companions or worse yet are you angry all the time?  Eats at your guts, doesn’t it.

Who do you think can help you.  It is someone near you, it’s yourself.

Only you can change your attitude.  Being mad generates the motivation to get even and hurt the other person whom you think will do you wrong or has done you wrong.  For example, road rage, where does it get you a damage car and possibly the loss of someone’s life or possibily even your own.  What will do you the most good patience or retaliation?  Life is not a war which you have to fight everyday.  Anyway it usually takes two people to keep a fight going.

Attitude attracts attitude.  They are drawn to each other.  Often it is difficult to decide who starts has a bad attitude initially, but it takes two to keep it going.  Drop out.  It’s not worth it.  A smile can generate a smile.  Has anyone given you advice about someone telling you to stay away from them but that doesn’t happen for you because you and that person do not have a history of not getting along and you go ahead and are nice to them anyway.

There is someone for everyone even if that person is not you.  Don’t create a self-fulling prophecy about someone even before you meet them.  If people have formed an opinion sight unseen about a person, it is hard to get rid of it.  Is that being racist?  It could be if you are eager to put labels on people even before you get to know them.  Are you prejudiced?  Do you stereotype people?

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