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How Nuts Are You About Your Pets And Why

Pets are friends are friends.  Pets can be very loyal and if they are not they are just straight badasses.    They are not very sneaky except when it comes to food and toys and sleeping on your bed.  Our dog likes the carpet in my bedroom as it is quite plush and she leaves black fur all over it.  Also when it rains and dogs are afraid of storms.   It seems they can sense them from far away.  Cats can be badasses if you let them get away with stuff that they too like to do.  For example, go outside and scratch on the upholstered sofa and chairs.  Squirts of water from an old Windex bottle work to stop them from doing these things.  Some people think it is cruel to do this but if you practice this long enough, the sight of the empty Windex bottle is enough to stop them from doing these things.

Now for the positive side of having pets or from pets having you as their person or purrson when you talk about cats.  I do not like people who are cruel to their pets or star dogs and cats.  They even use them for target practice.  They’re are good at abandoning puppies or kittens even when they should have neutered their dog or cat in the first place.  It takes some responsibility to have a dog orr cat.  Hey guys, even hunting dogs deserve respect.

Now when compared to a human friend, pets never tell secrets, pets can cuddle you when you are upset.  You don’t have to sleep alone when you have a pet.  Curl up with your pet and you might have hours of one-sided conversation.  You can tell secrets to your pet and they won’t tattle.  Pets can play tricks on you usually with no harm intended.  Computers to cats are like heating pads.  Cats like to seek warm places.  They are very funny when it seems like they will pick the smallest box to curl up in not the one that is the right size.  Both dogs and cats think your clothes, your bedding, and your throws since they smell of you are good places to lay down.

Crying does not scare off and animals are often the type of friend who will not reject you or criticize you if you have problems that they don’t understand. Just the sight or the sound of a beloved animal friend is enough to help you calm down.  Some people who are cruel and wicked and mean will take out their anger and feelings of resentment on their animals.  The first societies to deal with abuse were founded for animals that have been abused not humans such as spouses and children.  One way to abuse an animal is to starve, freeze or overheat an animal.  Yes, it happens to children and adults too.

In most cases when you leave a dog or cat they will love you back unless they have been abused or allowed to run wild.

I am nuts about animals.  I talk to them, I offer them treats and toys.  I miss them when I am away from them or they are away from me for practical reasons.  If I can’t see them I look for them or ask my partner if they know where they are at.  Just the sight on them reassures me.  I don’t like to be alone.  I enjoy it when the cat is just being a cat chasing a moving light or a dog is just being a dog playing catch.  I love the sight of birds around my house. Frogs don’t scare me.  Snakes do.  Please don’t throw them at me.  It will scare them too.





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