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How To Think Out Of The Box

thinkingoutoftheboxSometimes we don’t just pass judgments on people too quickly, we do the same with information.  I have been reading (please forgive me men as I usually skip looking at the hunting books) interior decorating books lately.  With three of them although I initially wasn’t too much interested in the topics they covered and even after I  looked them over and I still was not was not too inspired, I found that after I looked at the pictures and read the text included about them that I took away some good ideas I could use in decorating in the future.  One that I particularly found uninviting was a book on “green” decorating and they (as far as I was concerned) took it to extremes.  One of the things I did learn from that book was what to look for in quality furniture or fabrics that would last and would not have to be replaced in the near future or perhaps in any one person’s lifetime.

This involves thinking out of the box and it is easily missed because we often focus on information about things we like and not on things we don’t like.  We often think that most of the material on stuff that we are not interested in will be useless; but we often miss information that is covered that could be useful to us; but that we either think will not be covered in that treatment of the topic or we reject out of hand because it is associated with stuff we dislike or disapprove off.  We tend to generalize and if one thing we dislike is associated with something, we may reject everything associated with it.  This is one of the problems with prejudice.  One bad experience with a certain religious organization or cultural group can lead to a person rejecting the whole organization or group and even anything associated with them.

applevalleyTo think out of the box, do the following.  Please take a closer or more thorough look at things before tarring everything associated with it with the same brush.  Take for example, visiting foreign countries can be seen by some people as a trying experience because so many things will be unfamiliar and an acquired taste.  Be a little bold.  Try a taste of something.  Visit a different climate or explore a different landscape.  I was surprisingly very impressed when I visited Apple Valley in the desert east of Los Angles, California.  I didn’t go to see the desert.  In fact, I was worried about the snakes there and I was not excited about eating only vegetarian food during my stay there.  I went because I wanted to attend a workshop being offered there.  I thought I had landed on the moon when I looked out over the desert and saw the horizon in the distance to be so very far away.

Here is how to think out of the box.  Take a chance try different things, learn about different things, go to different places and you might find something that you might have missed otherwise by staying with the comfortable and the familiar.

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