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I Am Not Afraid Of Aliens, Just Politicians

logoMost aliens treat or will treat us fine in spite of the government’s mass effort to cover up any contact that has been made.  I myself, for example, have been shown irrefutable evidence of crop circles.  But I think like on Star Wars most “alien” civilizations are just that, civilized, and don’t want to harm the worlds they are exploring.  They might feel it is their calling to not disturb other civilizations unless they can help avert disaster.

Now politicians that is another question.  Many are not motivated by that kind of code of honor.  They assume much responsibility as the representatives of the rest of us.  Currently many are doing a poor job of this.  As one of the general population, I hear from few politicians that care if we are happy, prosperous, and our rights are preserved.  Could it be that aliens have more respect for us than the politicians do?

Politicians are so involved with themselves that they forget about  the rest of us.  They are probably usually not curious about what the rest of us think or do.  They often like to play, “Nanny,”  to their constituents because they know better what we need and should think.  In addition they can often easily sub cum to the allure and glamor of the powerful who can make their lives easier if they follow them.

They are susceptible to the attraction of dumbing down the populace so they can more easily control us.  What they believe is that what we don’t know won’t hurt us.  They think we act like children and can’t handle the whole truth of the way things are.  Takes us back to slavery days like in my previous post.  Some are taking on lying as a profession.

Creativity and original thinking is the stuff of life!  We all need to learn such things in this society but at what cost?  Who should be in charge of our own growth and development.  Aliens or politicians.  If we had to choose,rp_Truman_pass-the-buck.jpg  one might not be better than another or are they?  Who would most believe in our right to make our own decisions? and our own mistakes (which we might be able to learn from)?


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